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Valerie June (photo by Jacob Blickenstaff, PR)

Valerie June: Five Essential Bob Marley Songs

February 06, 2018|Kara Manning
June's lyrics reflect not only her own journey, but the impact of the musicians like Marley.
Tucker Martine and My Morning Jacket

Tucker Martine: Five Essential My Morning Jacket Songs

December 04, 2017|Kara Manning

Producer Tucker Martine leant his ears and insight to "Five Essential My Morning Jacket Songs" for FUV Essentials.

Sam Beam of Iron & Wine (original photo by Veronica Moyer)

Iron & Wine

November 13, 2017|Carmel Holt
The elemental core of his artistry is visceral, tender and wise, like something mined from the earth. [Playlist]
Neil Young illustration by Andy Friedman

Neil Young

November 06, 2017|Laura Fedele
Essential for his vision, his heart, and the sweat and tears he put into becoming a transcendent artist. [Playlist]
Kate Bush (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Kate Bush

October 30, 2017|Kara Manning
She has the rare ability to heal, electrify and inspire with every song she's ever released. [Playlist]
John Prine (photo courtesy of the artist)

John Prine

October 23, 2017|Kara Manning
Among the great builders of songs, Prine was an indisputable master. [Playlist]
Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks

October 08, 2017|Darren DeVivo
Musicians with an uncanny, intuitive connection to their muse, the blues. [Playlist]
Ben Jaffe, center on double bass, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (photo by Danny Clinch, PR)

Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall Jazz Band on Ani DiFranco

September 27, 2017|Kara Manning
"I was inspired by her fierce independence and fearless strength."
Ani DiFranco (original photo by Ancienne Belgique)

Ani DiFranco

September 25, 2017|Laura Fedele
Essential for her soul and her voice, her guitarwork and her growl, her never-dimmed spirit. [Playlist]
The Beach Boys (illustration by Andy Friedman)

The Beach Boys

September 18, 2017|Paul Cavalconte
The band that transcended themselves, then crashed and burned. [Playlist]
The Allman Brothers (illustration by Andy Friedman)

The Allman Brothers Band

September 11, 2017|Kara Manning
Tragedy never really let go of them, but there is joy in the band's afterlife. [Playlist]
Michael Jackson (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Michael Jackson

August 28, 2017|Kara Manning
Talented, fascinating, elusive, and tragic. [Playlist]