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Craig Finn (photo by Sherwin Lainez, PR)

Craig Finn

April 16, 2020|Eric Holland

Quarantined Artists is a new FUV feature that includes online Q&As and on-air conversations with musicians dealing with life...

Jesse Malin (photo by Steven Sebring, PR)

Jesse Malin

April 10, 2020|Eric Holland

Quarantined Artists is a new FUV feature that includes online Q&As and on-air conversations with musicians dealing with life...

Margaret Glaspy (photo by Josh Goleman, PR)

Margaret Glaspy: Q&A

April 09, 2020|Kara Manning

As the second artist interviewed for FUV's new Quarantined Artists series, Margaret Glaspy tells us about her new album, Dev...

M. Ward (photo by Wrenne Evans, PR)

M.Ward: Q&A

April 02, 2020|Kara Manning

It's strange poetry indeed to release an album called Migration Stories while travel is virtually impossible during the...

Amy Winehouse (from "Amy," A24 Films, PR)

On Amy Winehouse: Nick Shymansky Interview

July 23, 2015|Kara Manning

Four years ago, on July 23, the dynamic, intuitive and soulful singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse died at her London home...

The Walkman's Hamilton Leithauser

The Walkmen: TAS In Session

June 18, 2012|Kara Manning
Watch and read: The Walkmen in session.
Megafaun's Brad Cook in Studio A

Megafaun: TAS In Session

November 07, 2011|Kara Manning

Megafaun has released three albums since they formed from the ashes of DeYarmond Edison back in 2006. However, it's the...

Laura Marling in Studio A

TAS In Session: Laura Marling

September 12, 2011|Kara Manning

Laura Marling's first two albums garnered her critical huzzahs, Mercury Prize nominations and even a Brit Award, but her...

Tracey Thorn: Q&A

March 22, 2011|Kara Manning
Tracey Thorn talks gardening with FUV.

Q&A at SXSW: J. Mascis

March 18, 2011|Russ Borris
Watch: DJ Russ Borris caught up with a weary J

TAS SXSW Preview: Tennis

February 25, 2011|Kara Manning
Read: A chat with Tennis.

TAS SXSW Preview: Sharon Van Etten

February 18, 2011|Kara Manning

Singer and songwriter Sharon Van Etten quietly released one of the more extraordinary albums of the last year, the mutable...

White Denim with James Petralli second to left (photo by Drew Anthony Smith, PR)

White Denim's James Petralli: Five Essential Led Zeppelin Songs

August 31, 2016|Kara Manning
A heartfelt and pretty hilarious essay
Jesca Hoop (photo by Josh Wool, PR)

Jesca Hoop's Five Essential Patti Smith Songs

August 24, 2016|Kara Manning
Hoop found an early kinship with Smith.
Ruby Amanfu (photo courtesy of Press Here, PR)

Ruby Amanfu's Five Essential Marvin Gaye Songs

August 17, 2016|Kara Manning
Music fans who caught Ruby Amanfu's transcendent set at the 2016 Newport Folk Festival discovered what her collaborators...
Lucius' Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe (photo by Piper Ferguson, PR)

Lucius' Five Essential Talking Heads Songs

August 10, 2016|Kara Manning
Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig: a thank you from one New York band to another.
Matt Berninger of The National, photo by Caroline Inzucchi

The National's Scott Devendorf: Five Essential Grateful Dead Songs

August 03, 2016|Kara Manning
"Gorgeous, abstract, and open."
Tune-Yards' Merrill Garbus (photo by Holly Andres, PR)

Tune-Yards: Five Essential Radiohead Songs

July 27, 2016|Kara Manning
Merrill Garbus: "I'd get chills."
Augustines Billy McCarthy, Eric Sanderson and Rob Allen (photo courtesy of the band,

Augustines: Five Essential Radiohead Songs

July 26, 2016|Kara Manning
Eric Sanderson: "works of art that led with the heart."
John Doe (photo by Jim Herrington, PR)

John Doe's Five Essential Ramones Songs

July 20, 2016|Kara Manning
At SXSW this past March, punk icon John Doe, who co-founded X with guitarist Billy Zoom, took part in a Grammy Museum panel...
Margaret Glaspy (photo by Ebru Yildiz, PR)

Margaret Glaspy's Five Essential Joni Mitchell Songs

July 13, 2016|Kara Manning
Margaret Glaspy's dynamic full-length debut, Emotions and Math, is a thrilling joyride of sinewy, bluesy rock and pretty...
Soak's Bridie Monds-Watson (photo by Joshua Halling, PR)

Soak's Five Essential Joni Mitchell Songs

July 12, 2016|Kara Manning
Derry-born Bridie Monds-Watson, who records as Soak, was born in 1996, two years after Joni Mitchell released Turbulent...
Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo (photo courtesy of Matador Records, PR)

Car Seat Headrest's Five Essential Beck Songs

July 06, 2016|Kara Manning

Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo has already released over a dozen albums via Bandcamp. Toledo's sharp, intelligent lyrics...

Spoon's Britt Daniel at Bonnaroo in 2015 (photo courtesy Mason Jar Media)

Britt Daniel's Five Essential Paul Simon Songs

June 29, 2016|Kara Manning
The longtime admirer on his favorite Simon songs
Norah Jones (photo by Danny Clinch, PR)

Norah Jones: Five Essential Willie Nelson Songs

August 16, 2017|Kara Manning
The friend and fellow Texan narrows down the Willie catalogue.
Original photo by Larry Philpot, via Wikimedia Commons

Willie Nelson

August 14, 2017|Laura Fedele
Willie Nelson made it okay to be a freak, not just in country music but in life. [Playlist]
Joe Jackson (PR photo by Frank Veronsky)

Joe Jackson

August 07, 2017|Kara Manning
An artist of endless elasticity and restless genius. [Playlist]
Press photo from the 1999 No Exit album on Beyond Records


July 31, 2017|Kara Manning
Downtown ambassadors from the '70s who've never abandoned what made them great. [Playlist]
Tom Petty

Tom Petty

July 24, 2017|Kara Manning
Petty always pushed to record fresh material, rather than just leaning on the laurels of his past. [Playlist]
Mavis Staples (photo by Laura Fedele for WFUV)

Mavis Staples

July 17, 2017|Laura Fedele
Her big heart and sharp mind beg for a personal, creative connection with artists everywhere. [Playlist]
(Original photo by Gus Philippas)

My Morning Jacket

July 10, 2017|Kara Manning
Alt-country psych-rock inclinations, yearning melodies and ferocious reverb: Live, they are legendary. [Playlist]
U2 (Original photo 'Walk On' single)


June 26, 2017|Kara Manning
Unlike the roar or swagger of a lot of all-male bands, U2's mightiest songs are unapologetically emotional. [Playlist]
Chuck Berry (Photo: public domain)

Chuck Berry

June 19, 2017|Paul Cavalconte
Lennon: "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry." [Playlist]
(Photo via, CC BY-NC 2.0)

Summer of Love

June 12, 2017|Kara Manning
It's been a fifty-year embryonic journey since the Monterey International Pop Festival. [Playlist]
Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach (Original photo by Danny Clinch)

The Black Keys

June 05, 2017|Kara Manning
Sinewy dynamics, acerbic humor, flourishes of hip hop, and raw, dirty blasts of rock bliss. [Playlist]
Brandi Carlile (original photo by Gus Philippas)

Brandi Carlile

May 29, 2017|Laura Fedele
Why we got on board with this talented charmer, and stayed on board. [Playlist]