Get that car off your hands and support WFUV!

Call Toll-Free 888-400-5520 or enter your info below to schedule a convenient pickup.

WFUV benefits by receiving a cash donation (70% of the sale) toward our operating expenses. You benefit by getting a tax deduction. Plus you avoid the cost and hassle of selling your own car. It doesn't necessarily have to be running, either. You'll just need a signed, clear title; have it with you when you call. It'll be picked up within about a week.

You can donate not just cars, but motorcycles, trucks, boats, motorhomes, airplanes, time-shares, and even houses!

If the sale of your donated item brings in $500 or more, you will receive IRS Form 1098-C. If not, your thank-you letter can be used as a tax receipt.

Questions? Check our Vehicle Donation FAQ.