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Joan Osborne (photo by Jeff Fasano)

Joan Osborne: Five Essential Motown Songs

February 22, 2017|Kara Manning
"Where artistry, business acumen, political consciousness, and sheer joy met."
Motown (illustration by Andy Friedman)


February 20, 2017|Kara Manning
The beloved Detroit-born label was a springboard for a dazzling list of legacy artists. [Playlist]
John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood: Fleetwood Mac in NY, 2014 (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Fleetwood Mac

February 13, 2017|Kara Manning
WFUV remembers the late Christine McVie.
(photo image by Laura Fedele)

The Beatles: FUV Essential Covers

February 07, 2017|Kara Manning
FUV staffers make one pick each and explain why. [Playlist]
The Beatles (AP Photo/file)

The Beatles

February 06, 2017|Darren DeVivo
Four lads from Liverpool who spearheaded an unparalleled musical and cultural revolution. [Playlist]
Ray Charles (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Ray Charles

January 30, 2017|Kara Manning
He laid the cornerstone to what became modern soul, R&B and early rock 'n' roll. [Playlist]
Lucinda Williams (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Lucinda Williams

January 23, 2017|Laura Fedele
Poet, blueswoman, lyrical perfectionist and activist. [Playlist]
The Replacements (illustration by Andy Friedman)

The Replacements

January 16, 2017|Kara Manning
Self-destructive, badly behaved, and exhilarating. [Playlist]
FUV Essentials: The Band (illustration by Andy Friedman)

The Band

November 14, 2016|Kara Manning
One of the most influential and sophisticated cornerstones in American folk, blues, and roots rock 'n' roll. [Playlist]
Elvis Costello (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Elvis Costello

October 31, 2016|Kara Manning
Cerebral, crafty lyrics, whiplashed pop rage, acerbic humor, reedy croon and ferocious bark. [Playlist]
Natalie Merchant (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Natalie Merchant

October 24, 2016|Laura Fedele
To see her perform is to witness a thing of beauty and grace. [Playlist]
FUV Essentials: Leonard Cohen (illustration by Andy Friedman)

Leonard Cohen

October 17, 2016|Kara Manning
Essential for his sly humor, courageous candor and beautiful, lusty songs. [Playlist]