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Pixies (illustration by Andy Friedman)


May 22, 2017|Kara Manning
No one has ever called Pixies predictable. [Playlist]
Pearl Jam (Original photo by Danny Clinch / PR)

Pearl Jam

May 15, 2017|Kara Manning
Letterman: "They're true living cultural organisms." [Playlist]
The Rolling Stones (PR photo)

The Rolling Stones

May 08, 2017|Kara Manning
The reign of the Rolling Stones.
Miss Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones

May 01, 2017|Laura Fedele
The great Miss Sharon Jones was a lover and a fighter. [Playlist]
(PR photo)

The Kinks

April 24, 2017|Kara Manning
The Davies brothers are revered to this day. [Playlist]
Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann

April 17, 2017|Kara Manning
A master of the withering riposte, the witty jab, and the wistful aside. [Playlist]
(PR photo)

The Clash

April 10, 2017|Kara Manning
A tempest of punk, reggae, funk, and sociopolitical fury. [Playlist]
Emmylou Harris (AP Photo)

Emmylou Harris

March 27, 2017|Laura Fedele
Harris claims a place in the high court of Americana royalty. [Playlist]
Elton John (AP Photo)

Elton John

March 20, 2017|Kara Manning
His impressive discography is an indelible part of the world's pop and rock DNA. [Playlist]
(PR photo)

The Police

March 13, 2017|Kara Manning
Accomplished musicians with strong, smart ideas — and a titanic clash of gifted egos. [Playlist]
Lou Reed in 2011 (photo via Wikimedia)

Lou Reed

February 24, 2017|Kara Manning
A pivotal ambassador of New York cool. [Playlist]
Joan Osborne (photo by Jeff Fasano)

Joan Osborne: Five Essential Motown Songs

February 22, 2017|Kara Manning
"Where artistry, business acumen, political consciousness, and sheer joy met."