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FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band. Missed a day? Catch up to all of our selections on our Spotify Playlists: NYSlice 2024 | NYSlice 2023

Musicians, we want to hear from you: Send us an mp3 or .wav of a recent song (2022 or later) a brief bio and your Instagram/Bandcamp/Spotify links via nyslice@wfuv.org . If your file is too big to attach to the email, you can send it as a google drive or dropbox link. We might just play you on the radio, and post you on our socials. We can't respond to everyone, but we'll reach out if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

Look for past "NY Slice" artists (2021-2023) here.

NY Slice Artists:

Thursday, February 22
Lucia Zambetti, "Mister Mystery"

Wednesday, February 21
Miranda Joan, "Zero Gravity"

Tuesday, February 20
Adam Green, "Magic Spells"

Monday, February 19
Allie Dunn, "Call Me"

Friday, February 16
H31R, "Right Here"

Thursday, February 15
Otis Infrastructure, "Static Unlearned"

Wednesday, February 14
Jeff Slate, "Broken (Without You)"

Tuesday, February 13
Believe In Ghost!, "Peace"

Monday, February 12
FIIZ, "Lungs"

Friday, February 9
Coco, "Mythological Man"

Thursday, February 8
Ghost Funk Orchestra, "To the Moon!"

Wednesday, February 7
Erick the Architect, "Ezekiel's Wheel"

Tuesday, February 6
OK Cowgirl, "Just Friends"

Monday, February 5
The Women's National Hockey League, "Madison"

Thursday, February 1
Pan Arcadia, "Justice"

Wednesday, January 31
Honeycrush, "Fruit Is Year Three"

Tuesday, January 30
Meds, "30 for 30"

Monday, January 29
Jeff Taylor, "Birds Chirping"

Friday, January 26
Me + Nobody, "Higher"

Thursday, January 25
Ricky Stein, "Street Lights"

Wednesday, January 24
Tipa Tipo, "Poco Tiempo"

Tuesday, January 23
Doris Cellar, "Too Bad"

Monday, January 22
Air Crash Detectives, "Dissatisfied"

Friday, January 19
Eliza and the Organix, "No Contact"

Thursday, January 18
Alyssa Chetrick, "Equilibrium"

Wednesday, January 17
Paultra Violet, "Val or Never"

Tuesday, January 16
Pat Van Dyke, "Be With Me"

Friday, January 12
ktn-V, "Under the Liquid Sky"

Thursday, January 11
Short Porch, "Miami"

Wednesday, January 10
Elliot Barron, "The Face he Loves"

Tuesday, January 9
Space Fight, "Is It All"

Monday, January 8
Mojo and the Mayhem, "Just Can't Get Enough"

Tuesday, December 12
Rebounder, "Where Are You Later On, Forever" 

Monday, December 11
Sea Glass, "Six Eyes"

Friday, December 8
HNRY FLWR, "Something From Nothing"

Thursday, December 7
Allie Dunn, "Old Soul"

Wednesday, December 6
Golden Alphabet, "King's Forever"

Tuesday, December 5
Megan Reilly, "Live Wires"

Monday, December 4
Blanket Approval, "You Think It's Funny"

Friday, December 1
Nicky Francis, "Rodeo Queen"

Thursday, November 30
Willow Avalon, "Stranger"

Wednesday, November 29
Katy Pinke, "Bloom"

Tuesday, November 28
Lovetempo, "The One"

Monday, November 27
Spaghetti Eastern Music, "Jungle Blues"

Friday, November 24
The Bluechips, "Tailspin"

Wednesday, November 22
Gymshorts, "0 Thanks Given"

Tuesday, November 21
Sarah Goldstone, "Athens 1975"

Monday, November 20
Katie Von Schleicher, "Overjoyed"

Friday, November 17
The Grasping Straws, "Help"

Thursday, November 16
Endearments, "Hazy Eyes"

Wednesday, November 15
Drew Torres, Jade Rose, "The Storm"

Tuesday, November 14
Lila Blue, "Sweet Pea"

Monday, November 13
Eric Justvig, "In The Throes"

Friday, November 10
Blaque Alex, Square Head Round Soul, "Sunlight, Moonshine"

Thursday, November 9
The Buddy System Forever, "Sour Straws"

Wednesday, November 8
Miracle Sweepstakes, "All This Way to Come Back Now"

Tuesday, November 7
Steve Conte, "Girl With No Name"

Monday, November 6
Richie Quake, "Entire Vampire"

Friday, November 3
Vvii, "Rouse"

Thursday, November 2
Xondra, "Extrañas Perfectas"

Wednesday, November 1
Ricky Stein, "Killer Waves"

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WFUV's NY Slice Playlist 2024:

WFUV's NY Slice Playlist 2023:

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