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NY Slice: Calling Local Artists

NY Slice

FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Thanks to all of the musicians who've already sent in a song, but if you haven't yet, we want to hear from you: Send us some info about yourself including your IG, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify etc links and a link to a recent (2019 or later) downloadable (.wav file), original song via We might just play you on the radio and post you on our socials.

We have received a lot of submissions; unfortunately, we can't respond to everyone. We will contact you if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

If you caught a band that you like, we're keeping a running list of the date, artists, and songs below with links to their Bandcamp or social media.  Bands from August, July, and June 2022 are below; you can find our April 2021 through May 2022 picks here.

NY Slice Artists:

Friday, August 12
Steven Wright-Mark, "Mind Blown Open"

Thursday, August 11
Dan Zlotnik, "The Long Hall"

Wednesday, August 10
Peoplesoft, "Phaseshift"

Tuesday, August 9
Red Sun Radio, "Sittin' on a Dog"

Monday, August 8
Soren Song, "Be Still My Mind"

Friday, August 5
The Lonesome Prairie Dogs, "All This Time"

Thursday, August 4
Alex Orange Drink, "Oxytocin (Love Buzz)"

Wednesday, August 3
Kristin Flammio & Pretty Bitchin, "The Hardest Part"

Tuesday, August 2
Kai Weinkauf, "She Moves in Waves"

Monday, August 1
The Fez, "In Your Dreams"

Friday, July 29
Babyllon, "David and Goliath"

Thursday, July 28
Sahara Moon, "Everything Will Be Alright"

Wednesday, July 27
Andrew Weiss and Friends, "Tommy's Teardrops"

Tuesday, July 26
Uncle Skunk, "Woo Hoo"

Monday, July 25
Jumpin' Jaime, "Let It Out"

Friday, July 22
Hank Wedel, "Poe Park 2 AM"

Thursday, July 21
Myrna, "Burn Down"

Wednesday, July 20
Pant, "Everyday"

Tuesday, July 19
Taghkanic, "Memphis"

Monday, July 18
Somerset Thrower, "Lucky You"

Friday, July 15
Lydia von Hof, "Lady Kisses"

Thursday, July 14
Aubrey Haddard, "Future Boxes"

Wednesday, July 13
Nick and the Old Sport, "Whether You Like It or Not"

Tuesday, July 12
Gregory McLoughlin, "Wasting Time"

Monday, July 11
Amanda Cross, "Malibu Daydream"

Friday, July 8
Happy Happy 24/7, "Always Trying to Kill Me"

Thursday, July 7
Belle Shea, "Smoke & Mirrors"

Wednesday, July 6
Bona Roba, "Karma Bruises"

Tuesday, July 5
Sarah Milonovich and Daisycutter, "Two Dollar Town"

Monday, July 4
Spaghetti Eastern Music, "I Believe in Love"

Friday, July 1
Shane Cooley, "Stella Ray"

Thursday, June 30
Don McCloskey, "First in Flight"

Wednesday, June 29
Revival Road, "The Road Home to You"

Tuesday, June 28
Jacob Derwin, "Greatest Hits"

Monday, June 27
Jack Ryan, "123"

Friday, June 24
Member Drive - no NY Slice

Thursday, June 23
Maggie Carson, "From Here to Anywhere"

Wednesday, June 22
Billy Woodward, "Heavy Hours"

Tuesday, June 21
Revival Road, "The Road Home to You"

Monday, June 20
Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch, "Don't Marry a Man You Love"

Friday, June 17
Golden Alphabet, "Crazy Pie"

Thursday, June 16
Freezing Cold, "Stuck on Hold"

Wednesday, June 15
Adam Mantovani, "Spirit World"

Tuesday, June 14
Mugz and Lamar Band, "Object of My Affection"

Monday, June 13
brokeMC, "Balancing Act"

Friday, June 10
Widely Grown, "Pickles"

Thursday, June 9
Madison Lagares, "In the Meadow"

Wednesday, June 8
Marching Squares, "Atmospheric Entry"

Tuesday, June 7
Hadji Gaviota, "Goofy"

Monday, June 6
Julia Crafton, "Woodstock Child"

Friday, June 3
Madelline, "Participation Trophies"

Thursday, June 2
Loomis Grove, "Wanderdog"

Wednesday, June 1
The Gender Gnomes, "When I Say Blue"


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