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NY Slice: Calling Local Artists

NY Slice

FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Thanks to all of the musicians who've already sent in a song, but if you haven't yet, we want to hear from you: Send us some info about yourself including your IG, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify etc links and a link to a recent (2019 or later) downloadable (.wav file), original song via We might just play you on the radio and post you on our socials.

We have received a lot of submissions; unfortunately, we can't respond to everyone. We will contact you if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

If you caught a band that you like, we're keeping a running list of the date, artists, and songs below with links to their Bandcamp or social media.  Bands from September and August 2022 are below; you can find our April 2021 through July 2022 picks here.

NY Slice Artists:

Friday, September 30
Mad Meg, "Beyond Repair"

Thursday, September 29
Ricky Stein, "The Great Empty"

Wednesday, September 28
Hundred Watt Heart, "We Can Be One"

Tuesday, September 27
Kevin Kairouz, "Daydream"

Monday, September 26
be, "She Ships the Light"

Friday, September 23
Strange Neighbors, "Whoa! Is Me"

Thursday, September 22
The 86's, "Spectacle"

Wednesday, September 21
Real Intentions, "In Due Time"

Tuesday, September 20
Hanzolo, "Crowd Conscious"

Monday, September 19
Mister Bunny, "Summary Lover"

Friday, September 16
Dale Allen featuring Lizzie Ashliegh, "Woman Shine"

Thursday, September 15
The Indecisions, "Get Me Outta Here"

Wednesday, September 14
Justine Grove, "This Cycle"

Tuesday, September 13
Brendan Krowe, "Newport, RI"

Monday, September 12
La Galli, "Pescado Frito"

Friday, September 9
Chio, "Let It Ride"

Thursday, September 8
Lost Boy?, "Call My Name"

Wednesday, September 7
Outside Youth, "We Just Wanna Hold Hands"

Tuesday, September 6
Golden Alphabet, "Jumping Castle Full of Great Ideas"

Monday, September 5
Jeff Jakobs, "The Price You Pay for Love"

Friday, September 2
I Am Snow Angel, "Twisted Romance"

Thursday, September 1
Ryan Engelbert and The Little Victories, "Exceptional Disguise"

Wednesday, August 31
The Telling Time, "The Still Night"

Tuesday, August 30
Matt Sucich, "I Don't"

Monday, August 29
Faculty, "SOS"

Friday, August 26
Grits, "Wear Out Your Welcome"

Thursday, August 25
Goalie Fight, "Yonkers"

Wednesday, August 24
Soapbox Sound, "Six Feet"

Tuesday, August 23
Blanket Approval, "Finally Got It Now"

Monday, August 22
Lunchbox Riot, "Feel It Now"

Friday, August 19
Kacie Marie, "Holy"

Thursday, August 18
The Frightenrs, "Always"

Wednesday, August 17
Danielle Ponder, "Some Of Us Are Brave"

Tuesday, August 16
Yaya Bey, "Pour Up"

Monday, August 15
Locations, "Moves"

Friday, August 12
Steven Wright-Mark, "Mind Blown Open"

Thursday, August 11
Dan Zlotnik, "The Long Hall"

Wednesday, August 10
Peoplesoft, "Phaseshift"

Tuesday, August 9
Red Sun Radio, "Sittin' on a Dog"

Monday, August 8
Soren Song, "Be Still My Mind"

Friday, August 5
The Lonesome Prairie Dogs, "All This Time"

Thursday, August 4
Alex Orange Drink, "Oxytocin (Love Buzz)"

Wednesday, August 3
Kristin Flammio & Pretty Bitchin, "The Hardest Part"

Tuesday, August 2
Kai Weinkauf, "She Moves in Waves"

Monday, August 1
The Fez, "In Your Dreams"


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