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NY Slice

FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Musicians, we want to hear from you: Send us a recent song and your social/Bandcamp/Spotify info via nyslice@wfuv.org (a 2021 or later .wav file, please). We might just play you on the radio, and post you on our socials. We can't respond to everyone, but we'll reach out if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

Look for past "NY Slice" artists here.

NY Slice Artists:

Wednesday, May 24
Sid Seth, "Hopeless War"

Tuesday, May 23
Nina Lee, "Changing Lanes"

Monday, May 22
Adi Oasis, "Adonis"

Friday, May 19
Livia, "Unfind You"

Thursday, May 18
Brian Larney, "Sometimes the Devil Tells the Truth"

Wednesday, May 17
Cake Kemps, "Mrs. Young"

Tuesday, May 16
The Lookout Honeys, "Empty Stairs"

Monday, May 15
Sea Glass, Sonneteer

Friday, May 12
Rahill, "Fables"

Thursday, May 11
Purr, "Drift"

Wednesday, May 10
Gary Jay Homes, "Two Weeks"

Tuesday, May 9
CRYS, "High Enuf (Astral Plane)

Monday, May 8
Pete Mancini, "Golden Hour"

Friday, May 5
Trick the Riddle, "He Witch"

Thursday, May 4
Pop Music Fever Dream, "Control"

Wednesday, May 3
Sophia McGlew, "Medicine"

Tuesday, May 2
Dan Strauss, "The Lights"

Monday, May 1
The Dracu-Las, "Fever Dream"

Friday, April 28
Pink Honey Moan, "Swoon"

Thursday, April 27
Lost Wind, "Warren the Weed Mooch"

Wednesday, April 26
Liah Alonso, "Luchadoras"

Tuesday, April 25
Golden Alphabet, "Peace Pipe Vietnam"

Monday, April 24
Rosso Rosso, "Burlap Tuxedo"

Monday, April 17-Friday, April 21
No NY Slice due to Spring Member Drive

Friday, April 14
Beddy LeBalbo, "On My Way to Heaven"

Thursday, April 13
Sidi Hack, "Ask for Love"

Wednesday, April 12
Sly Boots, "Change of Heart"

Tuesday, April 11
Matthew Check, "The Very Beginning"

Monday, April 10
Moonunitt, "Young Dave"

Friday, April 7
The Quinn Murphy Experience, "All You Do"

Thursday, April 6
Sauce City, "House of Dogs"

Wednesday, April 5
Sam Kogon, "All I Wanna Do"

Tuesday, April 4
The Usual, "Dr. Evil"

Monday, April 3
Otis Infrastructure, "Gale Winds"

Friday, March 31
Sean Lemkey, "Love Lines"

Thursday, March 30
Frank Enea and the Crooked Hearts, "Can't Help Myself"

Wednesday, March 29
Evolfo, "The Changer"

Tuesday, March 28
Sarah Lexa, "Stupid"

Monday, March 27
Parks Department, "Littered Bay"

Friday, March 24
The Thing, "Dixie Queen"

Thursday, March 23
Chris Urriola, "On"

Wednesday, March 22
Listeners Like You, "Jr. Eschatologist"

Tuesday, March 21
Partymom.com, "The Waves"

Monday, March 20
Sidesaddle, "Chemistry"

Friday, March 17
The Transplendent, "St. Patrick's Day"

Thursday, March 16
Ava Franks, "Silhouette"

Wednesday, March 15
MayQueen, "Oh Tell Me"

Tuesday, March 14
Yard Sale, "Falling Away"

Monday, March 13
IVA, "Mid Air"

Friday, March 10
Fear of Falling, "Look Out for Number One"

Thursday, March 9
Ghost Tones, "Who Saved Who"

Wednesday, March 8
Phantom Signals, "Full Stop"

Tuesday, March 7
King Kaye, "Are You Even Listening"

Monday, March 6
Nightway, "Wolfie's Just Fine"

Friday, March 3
No Wake, "Judge Not"

Thursday, March 2
Rob Munk, "The Ghosts of San Francisco"

Wednesday, March 1
Pan Arcadia, "Deja Vu"

Tuesday, February 28
White Hills, "Oceans of Sound"

Monday, February 27
Jann Klose, "Surrender"

Friday, February 24
The Phronetic, "Sideways?"

Thursday, February 23
Peaceful Faces, "Signature Blues"

Wednesday, February 22
Divining Rod, "Mason County Line"

Tuesday, February 21
JANEX, "Loveless"

Monday, February 20
Laszlo and the Hidden Strength, "Selective Memory"

Friday, February 17
SUSU, "Mine"

Thursday, February 16
River Lume, "They Left Me There For You"

Wednesday, February 15
Rebounder, "Japanese Posters"

Tuesday, February 14
GYMSHORTS, "Love You Funny"

Monday, February 13
John Nicholson, "Meet Me Halfway to Anywhere"

Friday, February 10
Jason Flashner, "Baby Girl"

Thursday, February 9
Tom Moran, "Hearts at War"

Wednesday, February 8
Melanie Herrera, "Young"

Tuesday, February 7
LAPêCHE, "Mermaid Blues"

Monday, February 6
Rusty Gear, "Something in the Water"

Friday, February 3
Xotti, "Reappear"

Thursday, February 2
No NY Slice

Wednesday, February 1
A Million Sweethearts, "Fortunes Left Behind"


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