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NY Slice: Calling Local Artists

NY Slice

NY Slice


FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Thanks to all of the musicians who've already sent in a song, but if you haven't yet, we want to hear from you: Send us some info about yourself including your IG, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify etc links and a link to a recent (2019 or later) downloadable (.wav file), original song via We might just play you on the radio and post you on our socials.

We have received a lot of submissions; unfortunately, we can't respond to everyone. We will contact you if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

If you caught a band that you like, we're keeping a running list of the date, artists, and songs below with links to their Bandcamp or social media. September's bands are below; you can find our April through August and "NY Slice Theme Song" picks here.

NY Slice Artists:

Wednesday, September 15
Abbie Gardner, "Down the Mountain"

Tuesday, September 14
Samsara, "By Your Side"

Monday, September 13
Ghostfunk Orchestra, "Varsovia"

Friday, September 10
The Great American Novel, "Grabbin' a Slice"

Thursday, September 9
Doghouse Reilly, "Try Me Warm"

Wednesday, September 8
Ann Klein, "Daffodil"

Tuesday, September 7
Jackie Marchal, "Rhubarb Fields"

Monday, September 6
DLG3, "Hot Chicken"

Friday, September 3
Luke DiCola, "Wishing Well"

Thursday, September 2
Ava Franks, "3 Pines"

Wednesday, September 1
 Marvelle Oaks, "High Flyer"


WFUV's NY Slice Playlist: