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FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Musicians, we want to hear from you: Send us a recent song and your social/Bandcamp/Spotify info via nyslice@wfuv.org (a 2019 or later .wav file, please). We might just play you on the radio, and post you on our socials. We can't respond to everyone, but we'll reach out if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

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NY Slice Artists:

Wednesday, January 25
Mike Power, "Light in Your Eyes"

Tuesday, January 24
Monica Uhm, "Song for My Cowboy"

Monday, January 23
Christopher Peifer, "Nowhere Fast"

Friday, January 20
Western Shout, "The Bird & the Cage"

Thursday, January 19
Something About Ghosts, "Eventually"

Wednesday, January 18
Adam Lippman, "New Orleans 2004"

Tuesday, January 17
Window Weather, "Sycamore"

Monday, January 16
Blanket Approval, "My Soft Spots, My Robots"

Friday, January 13
Voicemail, "Ben Unfolds"

Thursday, January 12
Kenny Young and the Eggplants, "Monster Hit Record"

Wednesday, January 11
Yard Sale, "Dream Weather"

Tuesday, January 10
Logan Grendel, "Quarantine Bae"

Monday, January 9, 2023
Strange Neighbors, "Skeleton Boy"

December 26-January 8
NY Slice hiatus

Thursday, December 29
NY Slice Top 5 of 2022

Friday, December 23
Joey Slater, "It's Christmas"

Thursday, December 22
Tulivu Donna Cumberbatch, "For the Christmas That We Missed"

Wednesday, December 21
Mattelight, "Christmas"

Tuesday, December 20
Santana Claus, "Don't Forget the Give"

Monday, December 19
Cristina F, "A Christmas Kiss"

Friday, December 16
Santana Claus, "Time for Christmas"

Thursday, December 15
The Idea of Machines, "Quarter Mile"

Wednesday, December 14
Luv Dot Gov, "I'm Going to Steal Your Heart"

Tuesday, December 13
Pluto Nash, "Come On, Santa, Let's Go"

Monday, December 12
Network, "Vampire Girlfriend"

Friday, December 9
Iva, "Run"

Thursday, December 8
Debbie Dopamine, "Rhododendrons"

Wednesday, December 7
No Grudges, "Put It Together"

Tuesday, December 6
Mountain Laurel, "Old Songs"

Monday, December 5
The So So Glos, "This Could Be Christmas"

Friday, December 2
Lily Mao & The Resonators, "Wolves"

Thursday, December 1
Xondra, "Inner Child"

Wednesday, November 30
Platinum Moon, "Lockdown"

Tuesday, November 29
Bad Colours, "Maybe I Should Move to L.A."

Monday, November 28
Jeff DeVito, "Peaches and Pie"

Friday, November 25
Ricky Vermont, "Good News Is Coming"

Thursday, November 24

Wednesday, November 23
Gymshorts, "0 Thanks Given"

Tuesday, November 22
Lisa Jean Moran, "Warm"

Monday, November 21
Lovehoney, "Liquid"

Friday, November 18
Caravela, "The Knife"

Thursday, November 17
DEBACLE, "Flashing Lights"

Wednesday, November 16
Kind Kid, "Decimation"

Tuesday, November 15
Wrecktangles, "Lunatics"

Monday, November 14
Melissa Gordon, "Upstairs"

Friday, November 11
Coco, "Rough Water"

Thursday, November 10
Kablamo, "Autumn of Breakups"

Wednesday, November 9
Elk, My Deer, "Blind Eye"

Tuesday, November 8
Melissa Joy, "Achilles"

Monday, November 7
Mikey Whisper & the Sweet Nothings, "Let Me Whisper in Your Ear"

Friday, November 4
Brett Altman, "Small Talk"

Thursday, November 3
The Cheap Moves, "Laura"

Wednesday, November 2
Sean Spada, "Set Up to Self Destruct"

Tuesday, November 1
The Shining Hours, "Not Far Away"

Monday, October 31
The Jack Moves, "Lionel Richie"

Friday, October 28
Wet Leather, "Uselessness"

Thursday, October 27
Johnny Burgos, "This Vibe"

Wednesday, October 26
Michael Hollis, "Ghost of You"
Rén with the Mane, "Fool for You"
Sea Glass, "(I Have Jokes) If You Wanna Hear One"
Hundred Watt Heart, "Breathe In"

Tuesday, October 25
Magic Sandwich, "Questa Festa"

Monday, October 24
Nick Hakim, "Feeling Myself"

Friday, October 21
Driving in Silence, "Another Life"

Thursday, October 20
Meyru, "Off White"

Wednesday, October 19
Anthony D'Amato, "Long Haul"

Tuesday, October 18
Bobby Hawk, "Salt and Liquor"

Monday, October 17
Michael Fass, "Pirouette"

Friday, October 14
Otis Infrastructure, "Adrian Street"

Thursday, October 13
The Blinds, "Zoe"

Wednesday, October 12
Colatura, "We Run on Empty"

Tuesday, October 11
Good Memory Ghost, "Shape of a Heart"

Monday, October 10
Terry Seidl, "Weak"

Friday, October 7
Me + Nobody, "The Cab"

Thursday, October 6
Yolanda Watson, "Pineapple"

Wednesday, October 5
HEKLA, "Ghost"

Tuesday, October 4
Chris St. John, "Lost Without Your Love"

Monday, October 3
Joy Buzzer, I Wanna Scream

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