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NY Slice: Calling Local Artists

NY Slice

FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Thanks to all of the musicians who've already sent in a song, but if you haven't yet, we want to hear from you: Send us some info about yourself including your IG, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify etc links and a link to a recent (2019 or later) downloadable (.wav file), original song via We might just play you on the radio and post you on our socials.

We have received a lot of submissions; unfortunately, we can't respond to everyone. We will contact you if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

If you caught a band that you like, we're keeping a running list of the date, artists, and songs below with links to their Bandcamp or social media.  Bands from May, April and March 2022 are below; you can find our April 2021 through February 2022 picks here.

NY Slice Artists:

Monday, May 16
Joy Askew, "Aliens"

Friday, May 13
Streeter Pool, "Notice Me"

Thursday, May 12
Rob Morton, "Little Notes"

Wednesday, May 11
Space Fight, "Fool for Me"

Tuesday, May 10
Jon Kriz, "Nightdrive"

Monday, May 9
Emma Foti, "All the Angels Have Fallen"

Friday, May 6
Family Dinner, "You're So Cool"

Thursday, May 5
Sono Wabi Sabi, "Keys to Midnight"

Wednesday, May 4
Preserve the Moose, "Why Not Me?"

Tuesday, May 3
The Sheer Currents, "Gilded Wool"

Monday, May 2
Nellie, "Columbus, Ohio"

Friday, April 29
Adam Green, "Blackout"

Thursday, April 28
Peak, "When the Night Comes Calling You"

Wednesday, April 27
Dam, "Don't Hide Away"

Tuesday, April 26
Reeya Banerjee, "Need You There"

Monday, April 25
Today's Outfit, "Follow Me"

Friday, April 22
Gabrielle Sterbenz, "The Breakup"

Thursday, April 21
Dylan Mars Greenberg, "The Anamoly"

Wednesday, April 20
Honey Tree, "Maybe You'll Like It"

Tuesday, April 19
Luther Black and the Cold Hard Facts, "Long Way to Go"

Monday, April 18
Marie Hau, "Haunted Mansion"

Friday, April 15
Midnight Driver, "Dial Tone"

Thursday, April 14
Women of the Night, "Open All Night"

Wednesday, April 13
Denitia, "Highway"

Tuesday, April 12
Baked Shrimp, "Silk, Smooth, and Shiny Buttons"

Monday, April 11
Larry May, "Free"

Monday, April 4-Friday, April 8
No NY Slice (Spring Member Drive)

Friday, April 1
Ed Gumbrecht, "One and Only Girl"

Thursday, March 31
Eytan Mirsky, "I Don't Wanna Brag"

Wednesday, March 30
Foster Dad, "Karmic Drive"

Tuesday, March 29
Kira McSpice, "Niamh"

Monday, March 28
The Upsides, "Gold Rush"

Friday, March 25
Jon LaDeau, "Call My Name"

Thursday, March 24
Case Watson, "Hollow Tree"

Wednesday, March 23
Brandi & The Alexanders, "Fire"

Tuesday, March 22
Ethan Klee, "The Perpetual Grind"

Monday, March 21
Raising Daughters, "Cowboy Song"

Friday, March 18
Delta, "Oxygen"

Thursday, March 17
Braulio Cruz, "An Endless Love"

Wednesday, March 16
Brooksofyork, "To Giants"

Tuesday, March 15
Reggaelar People, "Shawty Left Me"

Monday, March 14
Lily Mao and the Resonators, "Seasick on the Subway"

Friday, March 11
NESCORA, "Mercy on Me"

Thursday, March 10
The Carvels NYC, "I Wanna Be Well"

Wednesday, March 9
The Swales, "Baby in the Deep End"

Tuesday, March 8
Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones, "Let's Go"

Monday, March 7
Space Bacon, "Satellite"

Friday, March 4
Jordan Popky, "Where I Feel Known"

Thursday, March 3
Tre Charles, "Stressin'"

Wednesday, March 2
Eager Sails, "Post Rock is Dumb"

Tuesday, March 1
Palexico, "Queer Party"


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