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NY Slice: Calling Local Artists

NY Slice

NY Slice


FUV's "NY Slice" celebrates local musicians from the tri-state area. Weekdays around noon, Alisa Ali shares a different "slice" of sound from a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut artist or band.

Thanks to all of the musicians who've already sent in a song, but if you haven't yet, we want to hear from you: Send us some info about yourself including your IG, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify etc links and a link to a recent (2019 or later) downloadable (.wav file), original song via We might just play you on the radio and post you on our socials.

We have received a lot of submissions; unfortunately, we can't respond to everyone. We will contact you if we play your song. Just because we haven't played you yet, doesn't mean that we won't down the line.

PLUS: NY Slice needs a theme song! If you're a Tri-State area artist who submits a winning orignal tune, you could win a two-week September getaway at the Silver Sun Foundation in Woodstock and an FUV Live Session with DJ Alisa Ali. [See contest rules and entry instructions]

If you caught a band that you like, we're keeping a running list of the date, artists, and songs below with links to their Bandcamp or social media. July's bands are below; you can find our April, May, and June picks here.

NY Slice Artists:

Friday, July 30
Demeter, "The Bit, The Bridle"

Thursday, July 29
Kira Metcalf, "The Hoax"

Wednesday, July 28
Ronan Sidoti, "About Time"

Tuesday, July 27
Diga, "Moving Still"

Monday, July 26
Ciao Malz, "Always Be My Maybe"

Friday, July 23
Fantastic Cat, "Fiona"

Thursday, July 22
Rén with the Mane, "On My Own"

Wednesday, July 21
Jane Lee Hooker, "Drive"

Tuesday, July 20
The Mammals, "Radio Signal"

Monday, July 19
A Devil's Broadcast, "Television Volume"

Friday, July 16
Cry Babi, "Tangerine"

Thursday, July 15
Otter Chaos, "Fanny Pack"

Wednesday, July 14
Listeners Like You, "Do the Dialectic"

Tuesday, July 13
Similar Kind, "Parked Car Conversations"

Monday, July 12
K'Seen, "On the Beach"

Friday, July 9
Jocelyn MacKenzie, "Better"

Thursday, July 8
Beechwood, "Front Page News"

Wednesday, July 7
The Forms, "Southern Ocean"

Tuesday, July 6
Petting Zoo, "I Don't Mind"

Monday, July 5
Neil Nathan, "Happy Birthday"

Friday, July 2
The Balboans, "Coldest Day"

Thursday, July 1
Big Mamou, "Tragic"


WFUV's NY Slice Playlist: