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Album cover + Don McLean and Don McGee (photo: FUV)

Don McLean: Mixed Bag 2024

July 06, 2024|Don McGee
A conversation with Don McLean.
Governors Ball Music Festival (photo by Charles Reagan, PR)

So You're Going to Play Gov Ball ...

June 05, 2024|Kara Manning
Blondshell, Carly Rae Jepsen, Stephen Sanchez, Geese and more talk Governors Ball.
Kings of Leon (photo by Matthew Followill, PR)

Kings of Leon: Q&A

May 20, 2024|Eric Holland
A conversation with Caleb and Jared Followill.
Victoria Canal (photo by Max Wanger, PR)

Victoria Canal: Q&A

May 21, 2024|Kara Manning
Victoria Canal discusses mental health awareness month + "Chamomile."
Bailen (photo by Dery Keretic, PR)

Julia Bailen of Bailen: Q&A

May 14, 2024|Kara Manning
Julia Bailen on the Sound Mind Live Music Festival + mental wellness.
Norah Jones and host Kara Manning (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)

Norah Jones: Barnes & Noble 2024

May 08, 2024|Kara Manning
Listen: A conversation with Norah Jones about 'Visions' and more.
Elbow (photo by Peter Neill, PR)

Elbow's Guy Garvey: UKNY Q&A

April 28, 2024|Kara Manning
Listen: Music and conversation with Elbow's Guy Garvey.
Paul Cavalconte and Tania Tetlow (photo courtesy of FUV)

Fordham President Tania Tetlow at Jazzfest 2024: Q&A

April 28, 2024|Paul Cavalconte
Listen: President Tetlow calls in from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
T Bone Burnett (photo by Dan Winters, PR)

T Bone Burnett: Cavalcade Q&A

April 07, 2024|Paul Cavalconte
Paul Cavalconte in conversation with the acclaimed producer and performer.
Nabihah Iqbal in Austin, TX, March 14, 2024 (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)

SXSW 2024: Q&As

March 31, 2024|Kara Manning
To SXSW — or not: Austin, TX chats with Nabihah Iqbal, Gruff Rhys, Madi Diaz and more
Kara Jackson (photo by Lawrence Agyei, PR)

Kara Jackson: Q&A

February 28, 2024|Kara Manning
From National Youth Poet Laureate to acclaimed musician, an FUV Q&A with Kara Jackson.
Sinkane (photo by Chloe Moralez, PR)

Sinkane: Q&A

February 27, 2024|Kara Manning
Sinkane talks about war in Sudan and 'We Belong,' his love letter to Black music.
Eiko Ishibashi (photo by Jim O'Rourke, PR)

Eiko Ishibashi: Five Essential Soundtracks

July 02, 2024|Kara Manning
The acclaimed film composer chooses five cinema classics.
Vera Sola (photo by Ebru Yildiz, PR)

Vera Sola: Five Essential Albums

March 27, 2024|Kara Manning
Vera Sola on her faves, from Elvis Perkins to Tom Waits.
Madi Diaz (photo by Muriel Margaret, PR)

Madi Diaz: Five Essential Albums

March 12, 2024|Kara Manning
Madi Diaz on five albums that touch on pure elation and freedom.
Ratboys (Photo byAlexa Viscius, PR)

Ratboys' Julia Steiner: Five Essential Albums

March 05, 2024|Kara Manning
Julia Steiner of Chicago's Ratboys on five faves.
Kevin Drew (photo by Richard Briant, PR)

Kevin Drew: Five Essential Albums

January 19, 2024|Kara Manning
The Broken Social Scene frontman on the albums he loves.
Duane Betts (photo by Dylan Jon Wade Cox, PR)

Duane Betts: Five Essential Albums

July 17, 2023|Kara Manning
From John Coltrane to Smashing Pumpkins, Duane's five essentials.
Miss Grit (photo by Hoseon Sohn, PR)

Miss Grit: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
New York's Miss Grit picks five albums they rely on.
beabadoobee (photo by Jacob Erland, PR)

beabadoobee: Five Essential Albums

May 09, 2023|Kara Manning
Five albums that beabadoobee loves ... and why.
mui zyu (photo by Celia Tang, PR)

Mui Zyu: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
Choices that span from Scott Walker to Low.
Amy Irving (photo by Gabriel Barreto, PR)

Amy Irving: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
The records that inspired this Oscar nominee's debut album.
Emily King (photo courtesy of ATO Records, PR)

Emily King: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
Emily's choices include her parents, Kim and Marion.
Indigo De Souza (photo by Angella Choe, PR)

Indigo De Souza: Five Essential Albums

March 24, 2023|Kara Manning
An eclectic mix, from Tirzah to Happyness.
Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels

Road Trip Songs

June 24, 2022|WFUV Staff
Planning a trip? Make those miles fly by. [Playlist]
Photo courtesy of

WFUV's Stress-Free Soundtrack

December 18, 2020|WFUV Staff
DJ-curated Spotify playlist to ease your mind.
George Harrison (Original photo courtesy of AP Photo/Bob Grieser)

George Harrison and The Beatles

February 25, 2020|Kara Manning
Honoring this spiritual man and his music, solo and with the Beatles.
Regina Spektor (original photo by Shervin Lainez, PR)

Regina Spektor

February 18, 2020|Kara Manning
The innovative singer, songwriter and pianist is one of our FUV Essential Artists. [Playlist]
Bob Marley (image in the public domain)

Bob Marley

February 06, 2020|Kara Manning
Keeping the legacy alive.
David Byrne (photo by Jody Rogac, PR)

David Byrne and Talking Heads

January 28, 2020|Kara Manning
The music of David Byrne and Talking Heads prod at the choppy undertow of the American dream.
FUV Essentials: Soundtracks and Scores (collage by Laura Fedele, WFUV)

Soundtracks and Scores

November 18, 2019|Kara Manning
Our DJs pick their 'essential' movie music. [Playlist]
Unplugged Essentials (original photo by Gus Philippas)


October 31, 2019|Kara Manning
WFUV staffers on their favorite electric-turned-acoustic classics. [Playlist]
Sheryl Crow (photo courtesy of the artist, PR)

Sheryl Crow

October 02, 2019|Kara Manning
Not only great a pop and rock songwriter, but a true activist. [Playlist]
Photo from 'An Introduction To... Elliott Smith,' Kill Rock Stars, 2010

Elliott Smith

August 06, 2019|Kara Manning
He forged haunted whispers and delicate guitar into astonishingly intimate songs. [Playlist]
Dave Matthews (Photo By Moses Namkung, Dave Matthews 3, CC BY 2.0)

Dave Matthews Band

July 17, 2019|Kara Manning
If rock bands were seasons, DMB would be summertime. [Playlist]
NYC Pride

NYC Pride Playlist

June 27, 2019|Rita Houston
Rita Houston's Spotify playlist: LGBTQ+ stories through music.