Here are some easy ways to keep us growing strong — besides becoming an FUV member, of course.

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Shop for WFUV

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Shop Indie & Alternative Music (and then anything else you want)

FYI: We know about Amazon Smile, but we can't sign up for it, sadly, as a division of a larger nonprofit organization. You can choose Fordham University in general as your charity of choice, however. Purchases

Shopping, coupons and WFUV support in one place - choose WFUV Public Radio as your charity of choice.

Giving Assistant Purchases

Discount shopping: Donate up to 30% of your purchase price to WFUV Public Media when you shop at 3,000+ popular online retailers. Giving Assistant pays you cash back, and you choose how much of it you’d like to donate to us. Find great deals like discounts on Sonos, as well as savings at places like Old Navy.

iTunes Purchases

Click through from here and your iTunes purchases benefit WFUV. Music, podcasts, games, you name it.

Attend our Events

Every year we gather together for concerts, dance parties, and other nutty revelry. Come hang out with us, your ticket purchase goes right to our bottom line. See: WFUV Events

Wills/Bequests and Gifts of Stock

Gifts of any amount are welcome in the form of a bequest, annuity, or gift of stock. Contact Lynette Ardis for more information.

Employee Matching Gifts

Many organizations offer to match the charitable contributions of their employees. Ask your human resources/personnel department for a Matching Gift form and send it to us: WFUV Membership Department, Fordham University, Bronx, NY 10458. Questions?