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Tommy Stinson: Five Essential Rolling Stones Songs

Tommy Stinson (photo by Steve Cohen, PR)

Tommy Stinson (photo by Steve Cohen, PR)


Back in December 17, 1988, the Replacements, opened for Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos, on the eve of Richards' 45th birthday, at the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey (and yes, there was some drinking involved). But the bond between the Rolling Stones and the Mats is evident not only in their hedonistic ways, but the very spirit of their music, especially the influence of Richards on bassist and guitarist Tommy Stinson, who recently resurrected his band Bash & Pop. (Stinson and his bandmates did an FUV Live session too.)

Stinson, who released Anything Could Happen with Bash & Pop earlier this year, the group's second album after a 24-year hiatus, is on tour this spring and summer and returns to New York for a show at Brooklyn's The Bell House on May 18. Since the Rolling Stones are this week's FUV Essentials, it seemed a perfect time to ask Stinson about his "Five Essential Rolling Stones Songs."

It's the first time that a member of another FUV Essentials band, the Replacements, has weighed in on another FUV Essentials group too.

Tommy Stinson: Five Essential Rolling Stones Songs:

In no particular order,  here are just five of my favorite Rolling Stones songs, by Thomas Eugene Stinson.

"Angie," Goat's Head Soup (1973)
The first Stones song that I ever remember hearing as a kid. The intro has always knocked me off my socks—there is a grace note that happens that is lightning in a bottle! I have yet to see anyone ever get it right! Perhaps it was lightning in a syringe?

"You Got The Silver," Let It Bleed (1969)
My favorite Keith song! It has great lyrics, great playing etc. What more would you ask of Keith?

"The Spider And The Fly," Out of Our Heads (1965) 
I always loved the playful, witty lyrics of this one. With a clever smirk. a sneer, and a little beer, perhaps? Everything I have always loved in rock n roll!

"Ruby Tuesday," Between the Buttons (1967)
Not because my daughter is named Ruby, but because it's a perfect example of a great Stones pop song! A subtle amount of self-indulgence goes a long way with this one.

"Moonlight Mile," Sticky Fingers (1971)
After spending the majority of my life on the road, I can tell you this is the go-to song when I'm sad and lonely!

This only represents five of my favorite Stones songs. Stay tuned for the rest!

- Tommy Stinson
May 2017

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