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Carmel Holt

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Carmel's obsession with music started at a young age, with a Fisher Price turntable and a stack of her sister's Beatles records. When her parents realized she'd rather play records than play with dolls, they gave her a Radio Shack rack system for her 5th birthday — the kind with the turntable on top and an eight-track cassette deck and tuner on the front. That's when she discovered FM radio, and the seeds were planted for her enduring love of the medium.

A life-long student of music, Carmel grew up singing and playing the piano, acting, and performing in musical theater, and received a BA in music composition and vocal performance at Bard College in 1994. During her college years, she became a die-hard fan of a Woodstock radio station that played a mix of music she'd never heard before. As fate would have it, Carmel joined the staff of that very radio station, working her way up to become midday host and three-time award winning music director at WDST.

After a road warrior year of spending time on the radio in two cities, she was selected to fill the full-time midday shift at FUV and serve as Assistant Music Director in 2013.

The life of a radio DJ and music director has been perfect for Carmel, who has an insatiable appetite for new music, a natural rapport with artists, a passion for live shows, and an enduring belief in the power of music to bring people together. And while this has been a dream come true, nothing can compare with the feeling of joining the staff at WFUV, which has been for many years her favorite radio station in the country, in her favorite city in the world.

She still loves The Beatles, and counts her stereo as her most prized possession.

You can hear Carmel on WFUV weekdays from 10am-2pm and Saturday mornings from 6-10am.

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