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Bodega: 2018

Bodega at WFUV

Bodega at WFUV (photo by Dan Tuozzoli)



It’s now widely accepted that most people spend much of their waking hours staring at screens. In a city like New York, it is nearly inescapable. Brooklyn post-punk band Bodega has taken this topic head-on, naming their debut album, Endless Scroll.

Produced by fellow Brooklynite Austin Brown of Parquet Courts, Bodega's songs also offer commentary on consumerism. They paint a sometimes humorous portrait of this moment in time, especially as a band living in New York. Even the quintet's name has a sense of place, a tribute to the ubiquitous corner markets of the city.

Bodega recently visited FUV's Studio A to share an energetic live set and they chatted with me about the album, their 12 "band commandments," and they attempted to explain "pizzacore" too.

[recorded: 9/13/18]