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Laura Fedele

Laura Fedele


Digital Director Laura Fedele helms WFUV's online efforts. Since October 2000, Fedele has been writing, designing, editing and constructing pages for, through several redesigns and total back-end overhauls. An FUV MVP, she also keeps up with our social media presence, cheerleads the tech-reluctant, and serves as impromptu photographer.

You'll also find Fedele at all the music festivals she can get to, preferably in the photo pit. "Bonnaroo, Newport, South by Southwest - wherever the FUV folks go, I'm there pointing some kind of camera at them. And, of course, at my favorite bands." You can see the results of that work on the WFUV Flickr Photo Stream.

A former Art Director, Fedele is also the in-house art department for banners, posters, postcards and other visuals for the station. Her favorite days include time spent with Photoshop and Illustrator.

"I discovered WFUV on my car radio in 1994. I heard an Ani DiFranco song on the radio for the first time ever," says Fedele, a New Jersey native who listened to Vin Scelsa and Dennis Elsas for years. "One day a DJ announced that FUV was looking for someone to design their web site. I kept emailing every week with ideas for the site. Finally they surrendered and gave me the job."

Offering FUV listeners worldwide live streams and vast program archives since the late '90s, has a loyal stable of repeat visitors. The focus from the start has been doing everything possible to connect the FUV-ers with the enthusiastic FUV fans, and making sure they can connect with each other.

A true music fan herself, Fedele can't believe her luck in getting to be part of the WFUV team: "Working at FUV, I'm surrounded by interesting people who love music even more than I do. I work alongside some of my radio idols. Plus, I've met artists like Michael Stipe, Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Sam Beam, Shelby Lynne and Gomez - and yep, I got to shake the hand of The Edge when U2 played here. I get to combine my work with my personal passion. What could be better than that?"

Fedele's persistence paid off: the web site she's built is a treasure trove, tailor-made for the obsessive music fan. "And it's still my dream job," she adds.


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