Stevie Van Zandt's Unrequited Infatuations (photo by Kirsti Hovde, PR)

Stevie Van Zandt: Unrequited Infatuations

December 16, 2021|Dennis Elsas
FUV Book Club review of his memoir, written with candor and humor.
Sinéad O'Connor (photo by Donal Moloney, PR)

Sinéad O'Connor: Rememberings

November 22, 2021|Delphine Blue
FUV Book Club review: She continues to disturb and compel, sometimes deliberately and sometimes not.
Richard Thompson (Photo by David Kaptein, PR)

Richard Thompson: Beeswing

October 28, 2021|Kara Manning
Thompson dissects his youth with forensic precision and a robust memory.
Rickie Lee Jones (Photo by by Astor Morgan, PR)

Rickie Lee Jones: Last Chance Texaco

September 10, 2021|Laura Fedele
Start at the beginning and trust her to take you on a ride.
Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast (Photo by Tonje Thilesen, PR)

Michelle Zauner: Crying in H Mart

August 12, 2021|Alisa Ali
Music fans who are foodies will eat this book up.

Required Reading: Songwriters Turned Authors

April 24, 2012|WFUV Staff
Our 2012 overview of musician-penned great reads.