Sylvan Esso (photo by Bobby Strickland, PR)

Sylvan Esso

December 05, 2022|WFUV Staff
Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn on the songs they love.
Maya Hawke (photo by Celine Sutter, PR)

Maya Hawke

November 28, 2022|WFUV Staff
Maya thanks her friends for this eclectic playlist.
Ted Allen (photo by David Jackson, PR)

Ted Allen

November 23, 2022|WFUV Staff
The Food Network host has an eight-song recipe.
Elvis Costello (photo by Mark Seliger, PR)

Elvis Costello

November 17, 2022|WFUV Staff
Elvis talks collaboration in his eight song picks.
Adia Victoria (Photo by Huy Nguyen, PR)

Adia Victoria

November 10, 2022|WFUV Staff
A personal playlist including Aaliyah and Erykah Badu.
Tom Morello (photo by Eitan Miskevich, PR)

Tom Morello

November 03, 2022|WFUV Staff
His pandemic-inspired "8Track" playlist
Ron Darling (photo courtesy of SNY)

Ron Darling

October 27, 2022|WFUV Staff
The Mets Analyst's "8Track" Debut
Tegan and Sara (photo by Eluvier Acosta, PR)

Tegan and Sara

October 20, 2022|WFUV Staff
Tegan and Sara pick 8 new favorites for their "8Track" playlist.
Nabil Ayers (photo by Gabriela Bhaskar, PR)

Nabil Ayers

October 13, 2022|WFUV Staff

Record executive, musician, and author Nabil Ayers guests on this episode of "8Track."

Courtney Barnett (photo by Mia Mala McDonald, PR)

Courtney Barnett

October 06, 2022|WFUV Staff

Courtney Barnett leads off the second season of "8Track."