Artist photos courtesy of Thirty Tigers, Merge, Epitaph, Matador, Rounder, Fantasy, Memory Music, Atlantic.

What I'm Grateful For ...

December 09, 2021|Kara Manning
Artists weigh in on three questions about thankfulness.
FUV Live 24 artists

FUV Live 24: Artists on Songwriting

November 09, 2021|Kara Manning
Musicians on 'FUV Live 24' tell us the backstory of their song.
Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins: FUV Artist-in-Residence

April 16, 2021|Kara Manning
There's an inspired intersection between visual art and music: We ask Nicole about her path as a visual artist.
Liz Phair (photo by eszter+david, PR)

Liz Phair: Q&A

April 14, 2021|Kara Manning
On livestreaming, Lou and Laurie, unconditional love, and puppets.
Devon Gilfillian (photo by Jacqueline Day, PR)

Devon Gilfillian: Q&A

March 23, 2021|Kara Manning
On Marvin Gaye, and his own activism
Marshall Crenshaw (photo by Jeff Fasano, PR)

Marshall Crenshaw

November 11, 2020|Eric Holland
I realized I had his number in my phone. Why not give him a call?
The Go-Go's photo by Emily Assiran/Getty Images, courtesy of Universal Music, PR)

The Go-Go's Charlotte Caffey

September 14, 2020|Eric Holland
Interview, 2020
Josh Ritter (photo by David McClister, PR)

Josh Ritter

August 31, 2020|Eric Holland
On 'See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion,' how music relates to art, and writing songs on pizza boxes.
The Pretenders (photo by Matt Holyoak, PR)

The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde: Q&A

July 27, 2020|Eric Holland
A freewheeling conversation that covers an impressive amount of ground.
Perfume Genius (photo by Camille Vivier, PR)

Perfume Genius: Q&A

July 09, 2020|Kara Manning
Mike Hadreas released the stunning Set My Heart on Fire Immediately when the world shut down.