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Sarah Wardrop

Sarah 'Drop' Wardrop


Sarah Wardrop, WFUV's Production Director and FUV Music host, has filled various chairs at the FUV family table. "It's exciting to be able to learn about so many different artists and different styles of music here at WFUV," she says. "Working in radio has always been about the music for me, and this station certainly holds true to that."

Sarah came to New York City from Boston, Mass. in early 2006 to be the founding producer of the interview segments you hear on WFUV, including the long-form "Words and Music from Studio A" and "FUV Live" (Monday-Thursday nights, now at 8 p.m.) and the short-form "Take Five" podcast. She became WFUV's Assistant Program Director in 2009, and has now begun a new role as Production Director, overseeing WFUV's production efforts including on-air station imaging, content development, and FUV Live events.

Her spare time is largely devoted to music too, whether she is seeing it, listening to it, or playing it. "I'm a sucker for artists who push the bounds of the acoustic guitar, whether that's topping it with a surprising lyric, throwing a beat behind it, or just making sounds I've never heard," Sarah explains.

A graduate of Northeastern University, where she was a Music Industry major, Sarah is no stranger to the radio business. She spent four years at Boston's WUMB, working her way up from programming intern to music director. Though she loves exploring New York City, there's one piece of Boston she says she hasn't been able to give up: "Once a Red Sox fan, always a Red Sox fan."


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