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Paul Cavalconte

Paul Cavalconte


Paul Cavalconte has been broadcasting on local New York City radio stations for the past 30 years – he started young, right here at WFUV, and moved on to legendary stations like WLIR, WNEW, WNCN, Q104.3, CD101.9, and the late WRXP, where he developed his signature show, The Vinyl Experience.

WFUV welcomes Paul back to the fold as an FUV guest host in 2013, where he's happy to share what he actually thinks about the wide variety of music in our library.

"The best part of being a music host at FUV is getting to connect roots and contemporary music," Paul says. "We're upholding a great broadcast tradition, and at the same time growing that out to digital media. And because of listener support, FUV is in a pact with the audience to deliver the goods — DJs and listeners work together to bring the station into the future. So FUV remains an oasis, a station for our time that dares to be different."

In between, Paul has hosted Sirius Satellite Radio channels like Classic Rewind, Disorder, Planet Jazz and Folktown in the ’00s, and could be heard on the jazz and classical formats of SW Networks, and the WDRE Modern Rock Network in the ’90s. Naturally, Paul accumulated a massive collection of LPs and 45s along the way, and owns a turntable that would make you weak in the knees if he ever let you look at it.

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