Rita Houston with Jill Sobule, Yola, and Citizen Cope (photos courtesy of WFUV)

What Rita Meant To Me ...

December 15, 2021|Kara Manning
Three artists who shared a special connection with Rita Houston
Rita Houston (photo by Laura Fedele for FUV)

Remembering Rita

December 14, 2021|WFUV Staff
Listen: A 2-hour radio tribute, hosted by Paul Cavalconte.
Rita Houston and Brandi Carlile in 2005 (photo via WFUV archives)

Rita's Words and Music

January 01, 2021|Sarah Wardrop
Interview highlights from Rita Houston's WFUV career.
Thank You, Rita Houston

Thank You, Rita Houston

January 01, 2021|Delphine Blue
Listen: Delphine Blue and Paul Cavalconte craft a tribute to their dear friend Rita.
Rita Houston and Mumford and Sons (photo by Gus Phillippas for WFUV)

Paul Cavalconte: Playlist for Rita

December 21, 2020|Paul Cavalconte

With the wonderful and comforting outpouring from WFUV listeners on the passing of Rita Houston, I feel that a little...

Paul Cavalconte and Rita Houston in 2018 (photo by Kerri Comerford for WFUV)

Rita Houston's "Whole Wide World" Finale

December 18, 2020|Paul Cavalconte
Listen: Rita's last show aired on Friday, December 18, 2020.
Rita Houston (photo by Laura Fedele for WFUV)

Rita Houston: Apostle of Artistry

December 15, 2020|Kara Manning
The story of a true music lover.