The band Daisy Grenade performs on Earth Day. Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster /@cessamarie

How Dave's Lesbian Bar Builds Queer Community

April 30, 2022|Benham Jones
Dennis Elsas with (clockwise from top left): Roger Daltrey, Patti Smith, Richie Havens, Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon and Clarence Clemons.

Dennis Elsas: 20th Anniversary at WFUV

July 27, 2020|Dennis Elsas
Listen: Highlights celebrating 20 years on the WFUV airwaves
Bob Dylan (photo courtesy Universal Music)

Bob Dylan

May 23, 2019|Kara Manning
Catching up to all things Bob, plus Rita Houston's Essential Bob Dylan Spotify playlist.
Richard Thompson (original photo by Gus Philippas)

Richard Thompson

April 03, 2019|Kara Manning
One of the best-kept secrets in British music. [Playlist]

Indigo Girls

March 26, 2019|Laura Fedele
There is a perfect yin-yang balance to Emily Saliers and Amy Ray. [Playlist]
Rickie Lee Jones in 2010 (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Rickie Lee Jones

February 28, 2019|Kara Manning
Her songs are not so much sung as viscerally lived. [Playlist]
Cat Power (photo by Stefano Giovannini, courtesy of the artist)

Cat Power

October 05, 2018|Kara Manning
We honor this late night consoler of the lonely, sculptor of intimate masterpieces. [Playlist]
Nina Simone (1969 photo by Gerrit de Bruin, photo illustration by Laura Fedele)

Nina Simone

February 21, 2018|Kara Manning
Nina Simone made us weep, articulated our rage, and turned a mirror to our hate and prejudice. [Playlist]
Sam Beam of Iron & Wine (original photo by Veronica Moyer)

Iron & Wine

November 13, 2017|Carmel Holt
The elemental core of his artistry is visceral, tender and wise, like something mined from the earth. [Playlist]
PR Photo

Kate Bush

October 30, 2017|Kara Manning
She has the rare ability to heal, electrify and inspire with every song she's ever released. [Playlist]