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FUV Essentials

So many variables determine what makes an artist or band “essential” — longevity, impact, influence, history. On-air and online, we celebrate the musicians who have shaped our cultural soundtrack for the past fifty years. Let’s love these FUV Essential artists while they’re here, and honor those who have departed too soon.

Indigo Girls

There is a perfect yin-yang balance to the music of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray, known as (the) Indigo Girls, and one of our FUV Essentials artists. As a duo that has broken barriers, they are sharp and caring cultural commentators and an example of how our differences make us better and stronger when we work together.

Warren Zevon

For his uncanny way with words, rambunctious wit, roller coaster rock 'n' roll intensity, complicated legacy, and the transformative way he finally taught all of us about the ephemeral magic of life, Warren Zevon is an FUV Essentials artist.