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Alisa Ali

Alisa Ali


Alisa Ali has moved on up to middays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on WFUV from her prior shift in the evenings. For Alisa, the new daytime shift feels like a deluxe apartment in the sky, allowing her to spread out and do more of her favorite thing: see live music. You're likely to see her at venues all around the city, from Brooklyn Steel to Bowery Ballroom and beyond. She is especially active in the summers too, hanging in her favorite parks, Central and Prospect, known for their excellent music, film and dance programming.    

Prior to her DJ shifts on WFUV, Alisa spent years as a host on "The Alternate Side" channel, riding the cutting edge of new music and playing her old faves from back when she was a sullen teenager, constantly wearing headphones and listening to bands like the Breeders, Garbage and Depeche Mode.      

Her love of that music remains, but thankfully her social skills have greatly improved since the '90s. Her friendly demeanor and quirky sense of humor come in handy when she is hosting our FUV Live sessions. These qualities put our visiting musicians at ease and make them feel more comfortable opening up about their creative process. Alisa's FUV Live sessions are like eavesdropping on a freewheeling conversation between pals.

Alisa does a lot of her work behind the scenes too, as producer many of the FUV Live sessions and live broadcasts. She also collaborates with NPR Music on various projects, most recently including their Turning the Tables project, where they recast the popular music canon with a closer eye on female artists.

Aside from tuning in to WFUV, you can also keep up with her on social media. She mostly shares pictures, videos and interesting tidbits about music, but after following her on Twitter at @AirwavesAli or on Instagram as @ActionAli where you'll also see that she loves animals and geology too.

Alisa currently resides in Manhattan, but she's aiming for a residency in your heart.

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