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Seratones: SXSW 2016

Seratones at Hotel Saint Cecilia/SXSW

Seratones at Hotel Saint Cecilia/SXSW (photo by Sarah Burns/WFUV)


This week at SXSW, FUV caught up with several young artists and bands, all on the verge of bigger things, at Austin's Hotel Saint Cecilia. The bruising, bluesy rock and roll of Shreveport, Louisiana's Seratones is thrilling, a roux of soulful dynamics, courtesy of frontwoman AJ Haynes, guitarist Connor Davis, bassist Adam Davis and drummer Jesse Gabriel.

It might sound dramatic, but the sun really did break through the clouds right when AJ got ready to sing for us. As a trio, the band performed the song "Don't Need It" from its forthcoming debut album, Get Gone, which is due out May 6.