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Jose Ozoria

José Ozoria


José Ozoria is a busy man around WFUV. As Broadcast Operations Director, José prepares and maintains daily automation schedules, logs and playlists for WFUV’s channels, manages recording of local programs for automation as well as WFUV’s online archives, and is on call 24/7 for technical support.

You’re guaranteed to catch him either on the baseball field or the basketball court, helping his stepson train in both sports. He has a sweet spot for amusement parks and would skydive if given the opportunity. Had he not found his way into radio, he says, he’d probably be involved in journalism. However, “as passionate as I am about audio and audio production,” he says, “I am equally as passionate about films and the filmmaking process.”

Even his musical tastes seem to contrast one another: when asked to choose two songs which define him, José responded with “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles and “Know the Ledge” by Eric B and Rakim. "Both groups had lyrical geniuses, and both groups revolutionized the music of their era," he laughs.

Suffice it to say, José’s interests know no bounds; and neither do his talents here at FUV.