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Chuck Singleton

Chuck Singleton


For Chuck Singleton, being named general manager of WFUV in May, 2012 was the capstone of his years at the station, during which he has taken on increasing levels of responsibility. Now he is drawing on all that experience to steer WFUV forward through an ever-changing media landscape.

"I'm hugely honored to lead WFUV, and excited about what's ahead for this one-of-a-kind public station," says Chuck. "WFUV is a trusted source for musical discovery, connecting a community of sophisticated music lovers and music makers. At the same time, our world-class media training has cultivated generations of industry professionals. That's an important component of our mission as part of Fordham University. Together, these are unique and powerful strengths."

In May, 2011 Chuck was appointed interim general manager, following the retirement of Dr. Ralph Jennings. In that role he became more involved with the business side of the station - concentrating on building revenue through membership, corporate underwriting and major giving - while using his people skills to motivate WFUV's talented staff. Chuck has guided the station's strategic planning process, designed to enhance the station's relationship with its licensee, Fordham University, and achieve ambitious audience and membership goals.

Chuck brings more than thirty years of experience as a public radio programmer, host and producer. As WFUV's program director from 1992 to 2011, Chuck recruited the station's airstaff, expanded its schedule of Adult Album Alternative (or "Triple A") music programming, and led development of WFUV's indie music service, "The Alternate Side." Chuck joined the station in 1987 as its first news and public affairs director, where he developed WFUV's coverage of community issues and its student training programs, and created and hosted the program Cityscape. His radio career began in 1980, with hosting and producing music shows, interviews, news and cultural features at WXPN in Philadelphia. Chuck has contributed cultural stories to NPR's Morning Edition, and provided sound design for art installations and theater pieces.

While Chuck has devoted most of his life to public radio, it was chance that brought him there. "I studied communications, and hoped to have a career in publishing," he says. He was headed in that direction when he discovered Philadelphia's local public radio stations. "I did what any fan does-- I called the DJ and suggested some music. The next thing I knew, I was hosting the show."

A "sucker for old Brit Folk, Brazilian sounds, Memphis soul, classic jazz and anything from Leonard Cohen or Lucinda Williams," Chuck enjoys sharing and experiencing music with his children, who have grown up with the station. "Like a lot of FUV families who listen together, it's given them a big love of music," he says. Chuck lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife Nancy, a family physician, their two children, and a dog named Nellie. You may run into him on a trail in the Catskills, where he is hiking his way through the list of high peaks. Chuck also enjoys baking rustic breads, looking at art and architecture, and adding new birds to his life list.

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