Community Dialogues: Home-Based Childcare

August 09, 2022
Our guest is Diana Perez, Vice President of home-based childcare services at WHEDco. WHEDco is a community development organization located in the Bronx, with the mission of providing the borough with access to all...

Community Dialogues: Dr. Meisha Porter

June 27, 2022
Our guest is Dr. Meisha Porter, CEO of the Bronx Community Foundation. It is the first and only community foundation in the Bronx. She talked with us about the organization’s efforts to deliver critically-needed...

Community Dialogues: The Children's Village

March 16, 2022
Our guest is Kerlyne Colin, Director of Equity and Special Projects at The Children’s Village, a New York-based nonprofit, private child welfare organization. She talked with us about how the child welfare system...

Community Dialogues: Dr. David Collymore

January 13, 2022
Our guest on this edition of Community Dialogues is Dr. David Collymore, Chief Medical Officer for the Acacia Network. Dr. Collymore talked to us about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Queens and...

Combatting HIV/AIDS Disparities

September 15, 2021
Our guest in this episode is Dr. Barry Zingman, a specialist in infectious diseases at Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Zingman is the director of the HIV program and creates sexual health services, HIV services, and...

Olivia Ngo: 'I Wish People Would Care'

April 01, 2021
Our guest is Olivia Ngo, a senior at NYU studying public policy. She talks candidly with us about Asian hate and the need to support businesses in Manhattan's Chinatown that are struggling in the pandemic.

Pushing Back Against Anti-Asian Hate

March 24, 2021
Our guest is Alexandra Lee, the current president of New York City's chapter of OCA Asian Pacific Advocates. As a volunteer and an Asian American woman in New York, she says the recent increase in anti-Asian...

Building Community Through Civic Engagement

March 17, 2021
When people are involved in their communities a lot of good can from it. But, sometimes there are barriers to civic engagement.The organization Women Creating Change is launching a new initiative to increase civic...