Question of the Day: Do You Wanna Dance?

February 28, 2014|Corny O'Connell

Got your tickets for 'FUV's Dance Party? Get 'em now and we'll see you tomorrow night at Webster Hall. 'FUV deejays will...

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Question of the Day: Faces

February 27, 2014|Corny O'Connell

It's Throwback Thursday on WFUV - throwing back to music from decades past. We're also sharing our throwback selfies on WFUV...

Question of the Day: Hey!

February 26, 2014|Corny O'Connell

Hay is for horses. But "Hey!" is for chanting and singing. It shows up in innumerable songs, so you should have no problem...

Question of the Day: Harmony Singing

February 25, 2014|Corny O'Connell

The sound of two, three, four or more voices blending together in harmony is one of the most beautiful and captivating...

Question of the Day: Discoveries from Your Various Artists Collections

February 24, 2014|Corny O'Connell

There's a section of your CD collection that you're not quite sure how to organize. Collections of various artists that are...

Question Of The Day: Paul Colby

February 20, 2014|Morning Show

The Bitter End's owner, Paul Colby, passed away on February 13th at the age of 96.  He helped launch many successful music...

Question Of The Day: Virgin Vinyl

February 19, 2014|Morning Show

If Thomas Edison didn't invent the phongraph...well, we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we?

Edison patented his...

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Question of the Day: Streets, Roads & Highways

February 18, 2014|Corny O'Connell

Tonight at 7 on WFUV hear the up-and-coming Lake Street Dive perform live from Rockwood Music Hall. Their new album Bad Self...


February 17, 2014|Corny O'Connell

Happy Presidents Day! What did you get me? No, seriously, what did you get me? 'Cause we could sure use some "dead...

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Question of the Day: Tomorrow

February 13, 2014|Corny O'Connell

WFUV's Winter member drive ends tomorrow, Valentine's Day. Please don't wait until tomorrow to show your love for the...