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Question of the Day

Join us weekday mornings with your response to the WFUV Question of the Day. Click the image below for today's.

Question of the Day: Oh, Baby!

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Dr. Benjamin Spock (no, not Mr. Spock!) who, for decades, was the foremost authority on child-rearing. We celebrate with songs by, for, or about babies and children. Do they drive you crazy or do they keep you sane? Let us know in today's Question of the Day.

Text or email your name and hometown to and you just might hear your song on the air!

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Question of the Day: Jobs that Suck

Career cast recently released their list of the ten worst jobs. Topping the list was no other than a lumberjack, however, Claudia was alarmed to see broadcaster rounding out the list at number 10. The list took into account work envirnoment, on the job stress, job opportunities available, and income. So for today's Question of the Day send us in your song suggestion about the worst job, or about a bad work experience! You can check out the full list here.

Here's today's question of the day playlist:

Question of the Day: Hall and Oates

Decades after their biggest hits, the music of Hall and Oates is being embraced by new fans all the time. Tonight, Daryl Hall kicks off the first of two WFUV shows, and to celebrate, we play your essential Hall and Oates originals and covers. Text or email your name and hometown to along with your suggestions and you might just hear your song on the air!

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