Eiko Ishibashi (photo by Jim O'Rourke, PR)

Eiko Ishibashi: Five Essential Soundtracks

July 02, 2024|Kara Manning
The acclaimed film composer chooses five cinema classics.
Vera Sola (photo by Ebru Yildiz, PR)

Vera Sola: Five Essential Albums

March 27, 2024|Kara Manning
Vera Sola on her faves, from Elvis Perkins to Tom Waits.
Madi Diaz (photo by Muriel Margaret, PR)

Madi Diaz: Five Essential Albums

March 12, 2024|Kara Manning
Madi Diaz on five albums that touch on pure elation and freedom.
Ratboys (Photo byAlexa Viscius, PR)

Ratboys' Julia Steiner: Five Essential Albums

March 05, 2024|Kara Manning
Julia Steiner of Chicago's Ratboys on five faves.
Kevin Drew (photo by Richard Briant, PR)

Kevin Drew: Five Essential Albums

January 19, 2024|Kara Manning
The Broken Social Scene frontman on the albums he loves.
Duane Betts (photo by Dylan Jon Wade Cox, PR)

Duane Betts: Five Essential Albums

July 17, 2023|Kara Manning
From John Coltrane to Smashing Pumpkins, Duane's five essentials.
Miss Grit (photo by Hoseon Sohn, PR)

Miss Grit: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
New York's Miss Grit picks five albums they rely on.
beabadoobee (photo by Jacob Erland, PR)

beabadoobee: Five Essential Albums

May 09, 2023|Kara Manning
Five albums that beabadoobee loves ... and why.
mui zyu (photo by Celia Tang, PR)

Mui Zyu: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
Choices that span from Scott Walker to Low.
Amy Irving (photo by Gabriel Barreto, PR)

Amy Irving: Five Essential Albums

August 30, 2023|Kara Manning
The records that inspired this Oscar nominee's debut album.