Sting: 2017

Paul Cavalconte with Sting
by Paul Cavalconte | 03/13/2017 | 3:57pm

Paul Cavalconte with Sting

An Englishman In New York! Sting's latest album, 57th And 9th, marks a return to the comfortable pop-rock signature sound of his early solo works, and with plenty of Police-inspired grace notes. The songs are reflective, tackle topics, and will sound like home to long-time fans.

I visited Sting at his Manhattan digs, where his easy, gracious manner was perfectly framed by the swank surroundings. There's no missing the fact that this is a deeply accomplished man, a world class entertainer, writer and intellect. We chat about the new songs, look back at his achievements in activism and social awareness, and reminisce a bit about The PoliceFUV Essentials!

[recorded: 3/13/17]

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