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Pete Yorn: 2019

Pete Yorn in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)

Pete Yorn in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)



Pete Yorn is back with his first solo album since 2016's Arranging Time. His last release was a 2018 collaborative EP with actress and singer Scarlett Johansson called Apart. After that record, Yorn thought he might just take a break from music and focus on spending more time with his daughter.

Before long though, he was lured back into the studio by fellow musician and producer Jackson Phillips. The duo quickly settled into a groove with each other and the songs began to flow. Before they knew it, they had 25 songs, and 12 of them now live on Yorn’s new album, Caretakers.

I spoke with Yorn and Phillips about their fast friendship and highly productive work schedules. They also played us some stripped-down versions of the new songs "Calm Down" and "I Wanna Be The One" in Studio A, as well as a "On Your Side" from Yorn's 2001 debut, Musicforthemorningafter.

I also had a chance to talk about Bruce Springsteen with Pete, and you can hear that part of our conversation, and his performance of Springsteen's "Your Own Worst Enemy," in our special tribute, The Bruce Project.

[Recorded: 8/13/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]