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Male suicide is a growing issue; this week we discuss some of the reasons why.
Suicide is a delicate health issue. When it comes to men who think about it, attempt it or actually commit suicide, addressing the issue has especially unique challenges. 
The latest statistics report more women than men attempt suicide, but more men actually succeed at killing themselves, and at a growing rate.  In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, we  examine the issue of male suicide. 
We hear about a mental health and suicide prevention campaign that tackles the somber issue of suicide with a humorous approach. Jarrod Hindman is Director of the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention. His group partnered with others in developing the Man Therapy Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Campaign. We sat down with a Jeanette Mason, who helplessly watched as her boyfriend jump to his death. Last we talked with Fordham University Professor Daniel Coleman. His research examines gender stereotypes and the link between masculinity and mental health.  
Music in order of Appearance:
Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
King's Crossing - Elliot Smith
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
No Lies, Just Love - Bright Eyes