The Panic of '29

August 10, 2022
This week, Fordham Conversations host David Escobar sits down with the cast and producers of “The Panic of ‘29”. It’s a new play that uses comedy to teach us how to live through a global catastrophe. The Panic of...

C.B.J. Snyder: Building NYC's Public Schools

July 27, 2022
You’ve probably never heard the name Charles B.J. Snyder, but you’ve definitely seen one of his buildings. He’s stamped his name on a ton of schools around the city. WFUV’s David Escobar sat down with Snyder’s...

New York Redistricting 101

July 26, 2022
If you voted in the recent New York primary election, you might have noticed the ballot was a little shorter than usual. So WFUV’s David Escobar spoke with City and State Reporter Rebecca Lewis about how contested...

Shakespeare 400 Years Later

July 20, 2022
This summer, Shakespeare in the Park returned to Central Park. But why do audiences still come to watch 400-year-old plays? WFUV’s David Escobar spoke with Fordham Theater Professor Mark Greenfield to find out.

"Before Evil" – Lives of Young Dictators

June 30, 2022
When you think about dictators, you often think about brutal, larger-than-life figures. WFUV’s David Escobar sat down with Fordham professor Brandon Gauthier to discuss the human stories behind the personas of some...

Black Media Representation

June 30, 2022
Growing up, characters on TV and in films are an important part of how people create their own identities. But for people of color, racist stereotypes and exclusion from Hollywood have played a big role in their...

Queer Latinx History in NYC

June 30, 2022
The Latinx community has always been a big part of New York City’s history, but some of its members have historically been excluded from that story. Juan Rivera was part of that population. He was a gay Latino man...