Best of 2021 Listener Poll

December 26, 2021|WFUV Staff

How often does someone ask you what should get played on the radio? Well, we ask, every year. The entries are all in and we're tallying them up.

We'll count down the Top 90 songs, as picked by you, this Friday...


The Best of 2021: Staff Picks

December 10, 2021|WFUV Staff
DJ and staff favorite albums and songs
The Best of 2020 Listener Poll

Best of 2020: Listener Poll Results

December 31, 2020|WFUV Staff

It's that time of the year, when we look back at the music that carried us through the year. You voted for the songs, albums, and artists that made your 2020 better!

The Best of 2020 Staff Picks

The Best of 2020 Staff Picks

December 10, 2020|WFUV Staff

Music has meant a lot of things to a lot of people in this unusual year, especially those of us who tend to bury ourselves in that particular art form already.

Your Greatest Albums of All Time Ever Poll Results

Your Greatest Albums of All Time Ever

October 09, 2020|WFUV Staff

We asked, you answered, and we are settling this once and for all! This is the list of your choices: The albums you've listened to in good times and bad, the ones you've played for friends and given as gifts, the...

Best of 2019 Staff Picks

Best of 2019: Staff Picks

December 02, 2019|WFUV Staff
FUV DJs and staff to narrow down our choice albums and songs of 2019.
best of 2018 staff picks

Best of 2018: Staff Picks

December 12, 2018|WFUV Staff

As you might expect from listening to the radio station, the FUV crew fell head over heels with a lot of songs and albums in 2018. And although we couldn't list all of our favorites, we managed to winnow down the...