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Bubba Watson: Patriot

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Watson Stays with a Wounded Warrior and Active Duty Military Member During Barclays

It’s not every day you meet someone like Bubba Watson – a great person, role model, and as he described himself, “alright at golf, sometimes.”

Through Caddy for a Cure, Watson’s staying at a donated house on Long Island with retired Staff Sgt. Nick Bradley of Dallas and active duty Lt. Col. Michael Rutkowski for the length of the tournament. Both men have shown a great deal of bravery in making our country what it is today, so Watson thought the least he could do was take these man behind the scenes of the game they love so much.
I had a chance to talk to Bradley and Rutkowski, as well as attend Bubba’s press conference where he discussed the matter. Listen below to hear Bradley’s incredible story, as well as what the two have had the chance to experience – including an improbable shot from inside the house.