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Volleyball Profile With Megan Arend


Highlighting the Women's Volleyball Senior Captain

Name: Megan Arend

From: Sacramento, California

Major: Communications and Sociology with a minor in Business

Why did you choose volleyball?:  “In fourth grade I was best friends with two twins and their older sister played volleyball in high school. We tagged along to one of her games and I thought it was the coolest sport ever. And I ended up joining a team the next year.”

Favorite Memory: “The Temple Tournament spring of freshman year. We won the tournament, it was spring weekend, there were so many jokes and it was an absolute blast.”

Biggest Accomplishment: “Recovering from torn ACL halfway through sophomore season. I had to get surgery, and I was cleared to play during pre-season but I was definitely not ready for the strain on my injury. Working back up to that good level was huge for me.”

Goals for the Season: “Have the team make it to A-10’s, as a personal and team goal. And I never want to have regrets playing this sport, or be timid on the court. I want to be remembered as a good leader.”

Favorite Quote: “Life is 10% given, 90% what you do with it.”