Fleet Week

May 25, 2018|Corny O'Connell

Hello, sailor! Fleet Week is underway in New York. The Navy, Marines and Coast Guard are in town giving demonstrations and inviting the public aboard for tours of their ships. We're getting into the act with your...


Live Performances

April 20, 2021|Corny O'Connell

Recordings of live performances are some of our favorite recordings. What are some of your favorite live tracks? We'll spin a set after 9am.

You'll also hear live performances throughout the day from WFUV's studios...

Annie Lennox <a href="">Shutterstock</a>

Question of the Day: Standards

October 21, 2014|Corny O'Connell

Annie Lennox is releasing an album of standards today called Nostalgia. It includes timeless classics such as "God Bless the Child," "Summertime," and "The Nearness of You." Who else has delved into the American...


Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawbs

June 19, 2018|Corny O'Connell

This warm weather has had us indulging in our favorite ice cream flavors. One option is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia©. Today your challenge is to come up with the name of a new ice cream flavor inspired by an artist...

Stained glass saints (photo courtesy of Pexels)


May 14, 2021|Benham Jones

Benham Jones closing out the week for Corny O'Connell. Exciting night here on WFUV; Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, will be guest DJ on the latest "8Track" session at 9 p.m. tonight during "The Alternate Side," in...

late <a href="">Shutterstock</a>

Question of the Day: Late

November 13, 2014|Corny O'Connell

I was late getting to WFUV this morning and almost missed the start of the show. We've all been late for one thing or another. Don't be late getting in your suggestions for the WFUV Question of the Day - songs that...



July 12, 2018|Corny O'Connell

Tonight at sundown New Yorkers will be positioning themselves for a view of the sunset known as Manhattanhenge. A couple of times each year the sun lines up with the east-west cross streets of Manhattan to create...

Yola in Studio A

One-Name Artists

June 08, 2021|Corny O'Connell

Hear an exclusive session with Yola tonight on WFUV, performing songs from her forthcoming album Stand for Myself and chatting with Kara Manning. Who are other individual artists (not bands) who bill themselves by...


Question of the Day: Favorite Encore

December 09, 2014|Morning Show

Last night Conor Oberst and friends covered "Have You Ever Seen the Rain," in an encore performance for WFUV's Holiday Cheer Concert. Simple question: what's your favorite encore performance? Try and pick a live...

Henri Rousseau's "The Sleeping Gypsy"


August 03, 2018|Corny O'Connell

Have you had any memorable dreams lately? Dreams have inspired creative works of all kinds including songs. So today we're looking for songs that mention dreams. Jot them down and we'll spin a set after 9 a.m.