Question of the Day: Months in Song

January 21, 2015|Corny O'Connell

The Decemberists' new album What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World is yours as an extra bonus gift when you support WFUV today. Contribute $100 or more here or call 877-938-8907. In light of this...

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Question of the Day: Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

January 20, 2015|Corny O'Connell

For today's Question of the Day we're wondering - have you been lied to recently? Or perhaps you were the one being dishonest. Lying happens a lot, especially in song. So we're asking for you favorite songs about...


Question of the Day: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 19, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For the WFUV Question of the Day let's have your song suggestions to mark the day. Leave them in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am.


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Question of the Day: Musical Movie Moments

January 15, 2015|Corny O'Connell

With the Oscar nominations coming out today, we'd like your nominations for the best musical moments in movies ever. What songs for you are forever linked to scenes from films? Tell us the song and scene/film in...


Question of the Day: T Bone Burnett

January 14, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Today T Bone Burnett celebrates his 67th birthday. Burnett has produced the likes of Los Lobos, Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, Alison Krauss, Robert Plant, as well as Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes and...


Question of the Day: Golden Songs

January 12, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Last night's Golden Globe Awards are still on our minds this morning. And that's got us thinking about songs with "gold" and "golden" in the lyrics. Give us some nominees for the Question of the Day set and we'll...


Question of the Day: Pants in Song?

January 09, 2015|Corny O'Connell

This Sunday is the No Pants Subway Ride. You can participate here in New York where the event started in 2002 or in any of the dozens of other cities around the world where riders go sans slacks. You can also...


Question of the Day: King of Rock & Roll?

January 08, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Elvis Presley, who was born on this date and went on to become the King of Rock & Roll, left a lasting impression on the genre and pop culture. He's also the subject of many a song. Can you think of any that...

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Question of the Day: Food

January 07, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Today the Whole Foods stores in Yonkers and White Plains are donating 5% of their net sales to WFUV. Wow! We are so grateful to Whole Foods for supporting the station - and thanks to you for stocking up there today...


Question of the Day: Kings in Song?

January 06, 2015|Corny O'Connell

Today is the 12th day of Christmas, as the song goes, otherwise known as Epiphany, Día de Los Reyes, or Three Kings Day. Watch for camels on parade and celebrations throughout New York City. We're using it as an...