youbet: 2024

Youbet (photo by Gus Phillipas for FUV)
by Benham Jones | 04/22/2024 | 12:01am

youbet (photo by Gus Phillipas for FUV)

It's hard to nail down a standard genre for Brooklyn band youbet; the sounds on the forthcoming Way To Be, released on May 10, are unabashedly colorful and the labyrinthine song structures radiate a playfulness that is equally confounding and inviting.

I had the privilege of sitting down in Studio A with Nick Llobet, Jojo Quinn, and Micah Prussack for a selection of those new songs live, and a conversation about New York, inspiration, and the experience of being a young band on the cusp of very big things.

[Recorded on 2/7/24; Engineered by Jim O'Hara, produced by Meghan Offtermatt]


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