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You Won't: 2016

You Won't at WFUV

You Won't at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)



Lexington, Massachusetts is known as the birthplace of the American Revolutionary War, where the first battle was fought against the British. In more recent history, it is the birthplace of the creators of Revolutionaries, the new album by You Won’t.

Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri met in high school where they were theatre kids with a taste for experimental and boundary-pushing work. This laid the groundwork for collaborations in film and video, plus a DIY aesthetic. That do-it-yourself attitude carries over to their work in You Won’t, a fun, quirky folk-rock project with more instrumentation than you thought possible with just two band members.

On this enjoyable Studio A visit, we got a live introduction to Arnoudse and Sastri's sound as they played a couple songs from the new album. They also talked about being "revolutionaries," their singing-saw party trick, yodeling and more.

[recorded: 4/5/16]