Weyes Blood: 2019

Weyes Blood in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)
by Alisa Ali | 07/09/2019 | 12:01am

Weyes Blood in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)

Natalie Mering, who records as Weyes Blood, is back with her fourth album, Titanic Rising. She described it in a press release as the Kinks meets World War II, which is a funny way of talking about the duality of lightness and darkness.

In her songs, Mering also recognizes that no one is immune from hardship, and she actually finds comfort in that. So there is an ethereal hopefulness in her songs as well. She sings, with earnest hope, that “true love is making a comeback” and creates lush soundscapes that feel like you're peacefully floating on air.

When she came to Studio A for an FUV Live session, I asked Mering about how Titanic Rising came together — and she also played a couple of songs from the album.

[Recorded: 5/30/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]

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