Waxahatchee: FUV Live

Photo by Lee Hayden
by Alisa Ali | 04/10/2015 | 7:47am

Photo by Lee Hayden

Named after the lake not far from her parents' house in Alabama, Waxahatchee is also the name of songwriter Katie Crutchfield's alternative-folk project that she began in 2011. After receiving overwhelming praise for her sophomore album Cerulean Salt, she and her band embarked on an extensive, international tour, gaining more well-deserved fans and listeners.

This month, she released her third album, Ivy Tripp. The cohesive and self-reflective record is mostly inspired by how Crutchfield has dealt with the touring lifestyle and how it affected her relationships with others.

Watch videos of Waxahatchee in Studio A below, or listen to the session in the FUV Vault now.

[recorded: 3/31/15]

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