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Washed Out - FUV Live - 2013

Washed Out joins host Alisa Ali on FUV Live, tonight at 9.



Ernest Greene, who goes by the name Washed Out, was a big part of the "chillwave" movement a few years ago. A wave of solo artists were making music on their laptops, experimenting with looping synthesizers, and layering sounds with different effect pedals and samples. Many people were first introduced to Washed Out by the TV show Portlandia, which uses his song "Feel It All Around" as its opening theme.

That song was featured on Greene's 2009 EP, Life Of Leisure. Two years later he released his debut full-length, Within and Without, which was very well-received by the music press and enjoyed pretty heavy rotation on The Alternate Side as well. Sonically, Washed Out's sophomore album, Paracosm continues in the same vein, but has a much warmer and organic feel to it. Hear a few of the songs live as Ernest and the band perform in Studio A on this episode of FUV Live.

[recorded: 08/05/13]