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UPDATE: Morrissey Collapses On Stage And Is Hospitalized




UPDATE: Sky News reports that Morrissey has been discharged from the hospital on Sunday after collapsing onstage Saturday night. A spokeswoman for Great Western Hospital in Wiltshire says that Morrissey has "been seen by the medical team, much improved and now discharged home."

Morrissey collapsed last night during a concert at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon, UK and was rushed to the hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties.

The Telegraph reports that the former Smiths frontman was in the middle of the first song of his set, 1983's "This Charming Man," when he appeared to "straining" and "wincing" while singing. At the song's end, he fell to the stage as band members rushed to his side and carried the unconscious singer offstage. House lights went up and after a 25 minute wait, the balance of the performance was cancelled.

The 50-year old singer was rushed by ambulance to Great Western Hospital where a spokesman said that "[Morrissey] is being reviewed by the medical staff and his condition is stable." A paramedic is quoted as saying that once backstage, Morrissey was conscious, but suffering from respiratory problems.

Morrissey has cancelled a slew of concerts during his current world tour due to what has been said to be an "unspecified illness."

Last month, Leonard Cohen also collapsed onstage during a performance in Spain. It was later said that he was suffering from food poisoning.