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UKNY for September 26

W.H. Lung (photo by Laura Cheshire, PR)

W.H. Lung (photo by Laura Cheshire, PR)


Making a move from Manchester to Todmorden in West Yorkshire, W.H. Lung's Joe Evans and Tom Sharkett needed a reset for the band's second album, Vanities, which included a refreshed lineup. Taking inspiration from the late producer Andrew Weatherall and the club scene in Manchester and Salford, their latest release is a dizzying, literate love letter to the dance floor, Anton Chekhov, and the dramatic change that life has brought everyone over the last two years. On "UKNY" at 11 tonight, a track from this wonderful new release.

Public Service Broadcasting's new album, Bright Magic, is another kind of billet-doux, to Berlin, while another London-based band, Vanishing Twin, lean on Japanese myths and magic for their forthcoming release Ookii Gekkou, out on October 15. Also in the mix, fresh tunes from Maya Jane Coles, Metronomy, Radiohead, and Toronto's Keys N Krates.

Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H. Kirk died last week — a shock, since he was just 65 and had released the Shadow of Funk EP earlier this year. Kirk was the last remaining Cabaret Voltaire member still recording under the band's name — fellow founding members Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson had departed years (and decades) earlier. But the visionary impact of the Sheffield band on electronic, industrial, synth-punk and dance can't be underestimated, and we'll remember Kirk via one of his sonic cathedrals.

That's "UKNY," Sundays 11p.m.-midnight, exploring mostly new British and international music of all genres, on 90.7, streaming at and found in the Weekend Archives after broadcast.

Songs played:

1. FUR, “Anybody Else But Me,” When You Walk Away
2. W.H. Lung, “Figure with Flowers,” Vanities
3. Metronomy feat. Biig Piig, “405,” Posse Vol. 1 EP
4. (JP) ATARASHII GAKKO!, “Pineapple Kryptonite,” single
5. Vanishing Twin, “The Lift,” Ookii Gekkou
6. Public Service Broadcasting feat. Andreva Casablanca, “Blue Heaven,” Bright Magic
7. Cabaret Voltaire, “Billion Dollar,” Shadow of Funk EP
8. (Toronto, CA) Keys N Krates, “Brazilian Love Song,” Original Classic
9. Little Simz feat. Obongjayar, “Point and Kill,” Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
10. (Copenhagen, DK-Berlin, DE) Efterklang, “Dragonfly,” Windflowers
11. Maya Jane Coles, “Night Creature,” Night Creature
12. Damon Albarn, “Royal Morning Blue,” The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows
13. Radiohead, “If You Say the Word,” Kid Amnesiae
14. Stealing Sheep and The Radiophonic Workshop, “Council of Draags Pt. 1,” La Planète Sauvage