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UKNY for September 2

Liela Moss (photo by Ren Rox, PR)

Liela Moss (photo by Ren Rox, PR)


Summer unofficially begins and then fades away via the bookends of two long holiday weekends. On UKNY at 11, an early farewell to long days of stifling humidity and haze via the Proper Ornaments, Whyte Horses, Grumbling Fur's Alexander Taylor, Saint Etienne, and more.

Also, the Duke Spirit's Liela Moss heads off for a forthcoming solo debut, Sleaford Mods have a few choice words (cleaned up for radio), and Glasgow-based Kathryn Joseph muses on sex and separation in her darkly compelling second album, From When I Wake The Want Is.

Catch UKNY at any time too, on demand, in the FUV Weekend Archives.

Songs played:

1. The Proper Ornaments, “Summer’s Gone,” Wooden Head
2. The Cure, “The Last Day of Summer,” Bloodflowers
3. Alexander Tucker, “The Saddest Summer 2,” Don’t Look Away
4. Gruff Rhys, “The Club,” Babelsberg
5. Whyte Horses, “Never Took the Time,” Empty Words
6. Saint Etienne, “Split Screen,” Good Humor
7. Sleaford Mods, “Stick In a Five and Go,” Sleaford Mods EP
8. Paul Haig, “The Wood,” The Wood
9. Unkle feat. Alice Temple, “Bloodstain,” Psyence Fiction
10. Kathryn Joseph, “tell my lover,” From When I Wake The Want Is
11. (Brussels/Cape Town) Petite Noir, “Blame Fire,” La Maison Noir/The Black House EP
12. Liela Moss, “Wild as Fire,” My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth
13. Haiku Salut, “The More and Moreness,” There is No Elsewhere