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UKNY for November 28

Sunset over Sussex fields (photo by Tim Bigger for Pixabay)

Sunset over Sussex fields (photo by Tim Bigger for Pixabay)


Songs about the sun in its many guises on tonight's "UKNY" at 11 p.m. — as the days grow shorter, sunshine is a precious commodity. The holiday season is underway — Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, began earlier this evening — but this festive season is a tough one for many of us missing loved ones or faced with challenges.

So seeking nothing but the sun — setting, rising, and eclipsed —  on "UKNY" via songs by Lou Hayter, Elbow, Teenage Fanclub, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Greentea Peng, Saint Etienne and many others from Britain and beyond.

All on "UKNY," Sundays 11 p.m.-noon, on 90.7, streaming online and available in the Weekend Archives after broadcast.

Songs played:
1. Lou Hayter, “Private Sunshine,” Private Sunshine
2. Sault, “Son Shine,” Untitled (Rise)
3. Teenage Fanclub, “The Sun Won’t Shine on Me,” Endless Arcade
4. Elbow, “After the Eclipse,” Flying Dream 1
5. (Copenhagen, DK-Berlin, DE) Efterklang, “Beautiful Eclipse,” Windflowers
6. Jane Weaver, “Sunset Dreams,” Flock
7. The Holy Family, “Inward Turning Suns,” The Holy Family
8. Saint Etienne, “London Like a Distant Sun,” Dive EP
9. Toothless, “The Sun’s Midlife Crisis,” The Pace of the Passing
10. (Calabar, NG-London, UK) Obongjayar, “Still Sun,” Which Way is Forward?
11. Greentea Peng, “Mr. Sun (miss da sun),” Rising EP
12. (Philadelphia, US-Sackville, CA) Beverly Glenn-Copeland, “Sunset Village (Blood Orange remix),” Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined