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UKNY For August 25

Dry Cleaning (photo by Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, PR)

Dry Cleaning (photo by Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, PR)


Autumn is less than a month away and on UKNY at 11 tonight, new releases that settle sweetly (or sharply) into these breezy, end-of-summer nights from Rosie Lowe, Dry Cleaning, Underworld, Lauran Hibberd, Gruff Rhys, Working Men's Club, and the Icelandic duo Hugar.

And in the spirit of this past Thursday's all-day 1979 excursion, a few gems from that year as well.

If you find it tough to stay up late on Sunday nights, you can always catch up to UKNY on demand in the Weekend Archives.

Songs played:

1. Rosie Lowe, “The Way (radio edit),” YU
2. Francis Lung, “Unnecessary Love,” A Dream is U
3. Gruff Rhys, “Pang,” PANG!
4. (Wales/Uganda) Africa Express feat. Gruff Rhys and Otim Alpha, “Taranau,” Egoli
5. Dry Cleaning, “Magic of Meghan,” Sweet Princess EP
6. Working Men’s Club, “Teeth,” Teeth EP
7. Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Reality Poem,” Forces of Victory
8. Underworld, “Mile Bush Pride (Film Edit),” Drift, Ep, 5, Pt. 2
9. Lauran Hibberd, “Frankie’s Girlfriend,” Everything is Dogs EP
10. The Undertones, “Get Over You,” The Undertones
11. (Amsterdam, NL) Pip Blom, “Tired,” Boat
12. Thom Yorke, “Not the News,” Anima
13. (Seltjarnarnes, IS) Hugar, “Grandi,” Varða
14. Joy Division, “Shadowplay,” Unknown Pleasures