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Thursday at SXSW 2014

Things got scary at SXSW, and then un-scary again: Report from Team FUV.

We were out late enough last night to see that something crazy had happened.

Leaving the NPR Music showcase at Stubb's in the wee hours, we walked onto a Red River Street that was clearly the aftermath of a bad scene -- police cars, broken barricades, ebbing mayhem. It wasn't until this morning that we heard two people had been killed and dozens injured by an out-of-control driver fleeing a DUI check.

Team FUV is fine, and we've checked in with everyone we can think of who's down here on South by Southwest Music Conference business. While we're glad that our friends are safe, we're heartbroken for the families of the victims, some of whom are still in the hospital today with critical injuries.

Though we all started with a shaky morning, hearing a mix of rumors and newly released facts about the incident buzzing around, we went about our business at the Hotel San Jose on South Congress, welcoming some new artists to our shady courtyard outpost. Thanks to Rita Houston, Russ Borris, Jim O'Hara, Caroline Inzucchi, Erica Talbott, Tim Pierson and hometown go-to Josh Briseño for a sharp day's work.

Over the sound of grackles yelling down from the trees (those little hams try to steal every scene), we recorded some great songs with The Strypes, Hozier and Spanish Gold.

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