Thunderpussy: 2018

Thunderpussy at WFUV
by Kara Manning | 06/19/2018 | 12:00am

Thunderpussy at WFUV

There’s no other band quite like Thunderpussy on the festival circuit right now. The Seattle-based quartet is a local legend, thanks to electrifying live sets that are ferocious, fearless, erotic, and best of all, a lot of fun. Thunderpussy’s vivid chemistry, on stage and in the studio, is one of the many reasons why this hard-rocking band was picked as a 2018 NPR Slingshot artist.

Singer Molly Sides, guitarist Whitney Petty, bassist Leah Julius and drummer Ruby Dunphy come from different geographic and music backgrounds — Sides loves musical theatre, Dunphy studied jazz, Julius plays with Seattle punk rockers Sundries, and Petty’s first job was with Atlanta’s Deerhunter. But as Thunderpussy, the four women are a mighty rock ‘n’ roll blitz with savage sense of humor, boomeranging between strutting Seventies rock, cartoonish Eighties hair metal, heart-wrenching blues, belligerent punk, and dreamy psychedelic jams.

When Thunderpussy visited FUV’s Studio A, they chatted about their work with producer and engineer Sylvia Massey (Johnny Cash, Tool, Cage the Elephant) on their self-titled album and the impact of cinema history in their creative process. Sides also revealed the very romantic story behind one of their most beautiful songs, “Cloud.”

[recorded: 5/18/18]

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