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The Weather Station: 2018

The Weather Station at WFUV

The Weather Station at WFUV (photo by Alexandra Brennan)



It’s no secret that Canada gives us some of the most amazing musicians, like heritage artists Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and indie stalwarts Arcade Fire and the New Pornographers. Sometimes it takes a moment for the music to make its way south to the United States, but the best always does.

That's the case with Tamara Lindeman who has recorded as the Weather Station for over a decade. Although she released her fourth album last year, it marks only her second international release, giving it the feel of a brand new discovery.

Her last album, Loyalty, earned her a Polaris Prize nomination and her new self-titled collection has been critically hailed as a high-water mark. I was thrilled to finally welcome her to Studio A for a first visit to play us a couple of her new songs and talk a bit about her fourth release.

[recorded: 11/27/17]